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Former King of Malaysia Sultan Muhammad V divorced Oksana Voevodina by triple talaq | Malaysia's former king gave spouse a 'three divorce' – jj

Former King of Malaysia Sultan Muhammad V divorced Oksana Voevodina by triple talaq | Malaysia's former king gave spouse a 'three divorce'


new Delhi: The former King of Malaysia, Sultan Muhammad V has divorced his wife and former beauty queen Oksana Voevodina of Russia. According to the information received, Sultan Mohammad Fifth has separated his path by giving three divorces to Oksana. It is only after the marriage of Sultan and Oksana that year it has been divorced.

According to the news, both of them had applied for a divorce on a date this July. It is being said that after the birth of the child in May, they are now divorced. Let us say that after marrying Sultan Mohammad Fifth, Oksana adopted Islam. His child's name is Ismail Lion.

Significantly, Sultan Mohammad Fifth had married Oksana in July last year. The news of his marriage had created a ruckus in Malaysia. After news of marriage came to light, Sultan Mohammad Fifth had left the throne in January this year.

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Russia's former beauty queen, who adopted Islam after marriage, changed her name to Rihanna Oksana Petra. At the same time, according to local media reports, Sultan Mohammad Fifth says that there is no evidence of who is the biological father of the child.

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