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Gold silver bronze medals made by recycled smartphones for Tokyo Olympics 2020 | Tokyo Olympics 2020: Gold-silver to be taken from smartphone to make medals – jj

Gold silver bronze medals made by recycled smartphones for Tokyo Olympics 2020 | Tokyo Olympics 2020: Gold-silver to be taken from smartphone to make medals


Kiran Chopra / Tokyo: Tokyo will be the first to launch the Olympic Games just a year later. On the occasion of remaining one year, the medals of the Tokyo Olympics were formally unveiled on Wednesday. These medals made for the Tokyo Olympics are different and special in their own right. The medals of the Tokyo Olympics are made entirely from RECYCLED consumer devices. Also, its design has also been chosen through a competition. Among which more than 400 people from Japan participated


Medals made of smartphones
According to the organizers, this is the first time that SUSTAINABLE medals have been created. The special thing is that a large number of mobile phones have been used to make these medals. People of Japan donated about 6.2 million mobile phones in two years, out of which 32 kilograms of gold was extracted. Apart from this, he brought 3.5 tons of silver and 2.2 tons of bronze from the same electronic devices to make 5,000 Olympic and Paralympic medals. To create these medals, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee had launched a campaign called the TOKYO 2020 Medal Project, in which small electric appliances were collected from the people of Japan.

More than 90 percent of Japanese officials attended this whole drive. In which 78 thousand 985 tonnes of abandoned equipment were collected. It included 6.2 million mobile phones, digital cameras, handheld games and laptops. All these electronic devices were melted by decomposed and highly trained contractors. RECYCLED stuff was used in making medals of Rio Olympics but not so large. In it 30 percent of medals were made from RECYCLED accessories.


Eco friendly Tokyo games
This organizer's effort is to make the game more and more environmentally friendly. Uniforms for the Olympic torch relay are also made from RECYCLED plastic bottles. Even the podium on which players will be given medal in games will also be made of eve. Plastics will be assembled from the homes for them and the marine plastic waste will be used. In this campaign, people have donated 45 tonnes of plastic from their homes. This will create 100 podiums for games.

The organizers of the Tokyo 2020 Medal Project are hoping that for a sustainable society this drive itself will not end with the Olympic medal. Now they call upon the business owners, local officials and Japanese public to continue donation of home appliances, reuse of metal for community purposes, and medallion for local sports competitions across Japan, calling for reuse of metal Are there.

Design chosen by competition
Even for medal design, people were asked for ideas. According to Japan, he wanted to add medals to Japanese citizens in everything related to designing and designing. A big selection panel chose the final medal design through a tough competition. Finally, the design of Osaka Design Society director Junichi Kawanishi was chosen.


Seeing winning his design, Kawanishi said, "It is a great honor that my design has been selected for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic medal. I have never even dreamed that presented as a memorial for this lifetime event. The design will really be selected. I hope these medals should be seen as a symbol of their glory, while giving the tribute to the efforts of athletes, telling them the glory and friendship. Ega. "Http://zeenews.india.com/" tell that will run between Tokyo Olympics 2020 24 July 9 August 2020.

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