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Excessive Faculty Good friend promoting insurance coverage – jj

Excessive Faculty Good friend promoting insurance coverage

High School Friend selling insurance on the Carol Burnett show.


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  1. Lyle is the epitome of masculinity…sooo gorgeous. I saw him on something years later..maybe a reunion show and he looked the same except with some gray in his hair…even hotter! THUD ♥️♥️♥️

  2. Okay they just said 18 years ago she was in high school and in the next year it will be my 20th year anniversary from high school… Why is it that I still look like I'm about 20 years younger than she does?! No let's change that? Why does everybody look that way?!! LOL

  3. I always thought Vicki Lawrence was really hot.. and she was.. but at times so was Carol Burnett. wow she could really make herself look sexy. Although as hot as Vicki was.. when they get the close up on her face.. I see MAMA haha

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