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The best way to Make Good Selections | Self HelpPractica.com / Diego Lossada – jj

The best way to Make Good Selections | Self HelpPractica.com / Diego Lossada

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Making decisions is not an easy task. Day by day we have to face decision making. Be aware or not, from the moment you get up until you go to bed, you live in a constant acquisition of decisions.

There are two types of decision making: in the first one, you are not aware, because you are simply presented with two or more options and you decide quickly and easily.

For example: what flavor do you want your ice cream? What movie do you want to watch?

This type of decision making, even if it seems ridiculous, has a significant impact on your life and your happiness.

On the contrary, in the second type of decision making, you are aware that it is an important determination, and therefore, you take time to think and analyze which is the alternative that suits you best.

Both types of decision making have a surprising influence on the development of our lives, and determine whether we achieve what we want or not.

For this reason, today, I am writing to teach you three steps to make positive decisions.

What is positive decision making?

Positive decision making is the process in which the result provides us with physical, mental and emotional well-being. It helps to raise self-esteem and makes life happier for the people around us.

Most people worry about decision-making only when they are important, and do not attend to the most insignificant determinations, which, in my opinion, are the most important for our future.

For example: imagine for a moment that every day you eat a piece of cake for twenty years. How do you think your health will end? What if you smoked a pack of cigarettes every day? Do you realize how important the decision-making process is, and apply them in small and large decisions?

Three Steps for Positive Decision Making
Step # 1: Before making any decision, whether small or large, get ahead for a moment in the future and imagine twenty years doing what you are about to decide.

This technique can help you to make positive decisions: travel to tomorrow and conceive of a person who is doing what you want to do, but with twenty more years.

Observe his life in that activity. Ask yourself if you would like to be like that person in twenty years. If the answer is YES, go ahead, make your decision with confidence, and rest assured that it will be the best. Now, if your answer is negative, simply say NO.

Step # 2: Evaluate your life, and reflect on those small decisions you make every day and reach a conclusion. If they are…



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