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Imran Khan revelas about terror teams and Osama bin Laden | '40 militant teams energetic within the PAK, the details about Osama's hideout was to the dictators' – jj

Imran Khan revelas about terror teams and Osama bin Laden | '40 militant teams energetic within the PAK, the details about Osama's hideout was to the dictators'


Washington: Prime Minister Imran Khan, who was on a visit to the US, addressed the MPs there, reveling that 40 different terrorist organizations were active within the Pakistan border. Perhaps for the first time a Pakistani leader has accepted this truth on public forum. According to the news agency ANI, Imran Khan, addressing American lawmakers in Capitol Hill, said about US military action in Afghanistan and Al-Qaeda militant, "http://zeenews.india.com/" We fight against terror I was with the US. Pakistan had no role in the 9/11 terror attack on America. Al-Qaeda was active in Afghanistan. There was no Taliban organization in Pakistan. But despite this we cooperated with America in the war. Unfortunately, when things went in the wrong direction, I criticized the Pakistani government because we did not conform to America's real ground reality. "Http://zeenews.india.com/"

Imran Khan said, "http://zeenews.india.com/" One of the major reasons for this was that our government was not completely controlled. At that time 40 different terrorist organizations were active within Pakistan's borders. "Http://zeenews.india.com/"

Simultaneously, Imran Khan added, "http://zeenews.india.com/" So Pakistan reached such a point where people like us were worried about whether our survival would survive? In such a situation where the US was expecting more cooperation in the war against Afghanistan, Pakistan was struggling for its existence at that time. "Http://zeenews.india.com/"

The truth of Osama bin Laden's presence in Pakistan
In another similar interview, Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan said that his country was aware of the terrorist Osama bin Laden's presence on his soil. He said that Pakistan's intelligence service Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) provided information to the US intelligence agency CIA, with the help of which the US reached al Qaeda chief bin Laden.

His remarks came in the back of Pakistan's official stance. Pakistan officially said that it was not known to Osama bin Laden's whereabouts until bin Laden was fired at night by US Special Forces in Abbottabad on May 2, 2011. Khan commented on a three-day visit to America, in an interview with Fox News.

He was asked if Pakistan would release Shakeel Afridi, who was locked in jail, who played a key role in finding the al-Qaeda chief?

On this, the Prime Minister of Pakistan said, "It was the ISI that informed the location of Osama bin Laden. If you ask the CIA, then it will be known (that it was the ISI) who had told about the initial location through the phone. "

On the release of Afridi, Khan did not say anything. While US President Donald Trump has asked for the release of a Pakistani doctor.

The Pakistani leader said that the Afridi issue is taken emotionally in Pakistan because he was an American spy. Action against Osama under Pakistan's nose is a major national embarrassment

Pakistan officially denied that Osama was living in his area.

(Input: with Agency IANS)

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