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'ISI had helped US seeking Osama' – jj

'ISI had helped US seeking Osama'


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Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has claimed that ISI had given intelligence to the US intelligence agency to take action against al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad.

Imran Khan said this in an interview given to TV channel Fox News on his American tour.

He said that if you ask the CIA, then you will have an idea that ISI initially provided the telephone link of Osama's presence to the USA.

Imran Khan also said that we used to think America as our ally and wanted us to capture Osama bin Laden but America entered our borders and killed one person.

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When he was told that Osama was not a common man but was responsible for the killing of nearly three thousand American people, Imran Khan said that we should not forget that Pakistan's losses of more than 70 thousand people in the outcome of this war Has happened.

At the same time, keep in mind that Pakistan was fighting America's war at that time and after this whole incident, Pakistan had to face a lot of embarrassment.

Imran Khan also said in the interview that action against Osama bin Laden may be discussed on the return of Pakistan's Dr Afiya Siddiqui, a prisoner in the US, in lieu of the release of doctor Shakeel Afridi, who allegedly helped America.

He had said that he did not mention Dr. Shakeel Afridi in his conversation with President Trump, but still there may be talk about it in the future soon.

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Emotional issue in Pakistan

Imran Khan told Anchor Brat Baer of the program 'Special Report' that it is a very emotional issue in Pakistan because there are Shakeel Afridi as a spy of America.

Keep in mind that the doctor Shakeel Afriadi was arrested in 2011 from the factory market of Peshawar, after which he was sentenced to more than 20 years in three lawsuits by the State Political Agent Khyber Agency, in charge of associating with extremist organizations.

He is currently punishing in a very strong security prison in the city of Saheehwal, Punjab.

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In connection with the release of the woman doctor, Afia Siddiqui, in exchange for Shakeel Afariadi, in the year 2008, the American Court sentenced the 86-year jail term for allegedly killing American troops and members of the American government. Have heard.

Imran Khan also said that Pakistan would also play a role in the release of two or three US and Australian citizens who are hostage to Afghanistan.

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Atom The arms To leave

On the question that if India is ready to leave its nuclear weapons, will Pakistan be ready to leave it, Imran Khan said: Yes! Nuclear warfare is not a solution to any dispute, but it is like destroying itself, because India has a border with our two and a half kilometer meter.

He said that this is a question of the security and peace of 1.3 billion people.

Remember that due to the tension in Pakistan between February and February India, the nuclear program was described by the United Nations as a threat to saluting the region.

When Ankar asked Imran Khan how safe Pakistan's nuclear weapons were, he replied that "no one has to worry about Pakistan's nuclear weapons."

They said that we have the strongest force in the world and the command and control of these nuclear weapons is also comprehensive and modern and the USA knows it all.

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'Iran will go to any extent for peace'

About recent tensions in Iran, Imran Khan said that he can not say anything about Iran's nuclear weapons, but as a neighbor of Iran, we would like that these tensions do not take the form of war.

He said that we can say to our expert that the war in Iran is not of any advantage, because not only will we be influenced by the status of neighbors but also on the price of oil.

They said that we will go to any extent to establish peace in Iran.

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Afghanistan peace process

Imran Khan's recent Afghanistan had to say about the peace talks that talks with the Taliban has proved to be the most beneficial till now.

In response to a question, he said, "America will not have a problem with the Taliban because Afghan Taliban is a local gang who would not want to attack outside Afghanistan and I think the Afghan Government will establish a joint government with the Taliban, USA and Good for the whole area. "

At the same time, he also had to say that the danger in this matter is that if we can not make a peace treaty, then the Islamic State will be in trouble for other countries.

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