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Karnataka: 76 crossing Yeddyurappa will kill Chief Minister and Advani? – jj

Karnataka: 76 crossing Yeddyurappa will kill Chief Minister and Advani?


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With the fall of the JDS-Congress government led by Kumaraswamy in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly, the political drama that has been running in the state since last several days has ended.

Political Pandit is looking at Amit Shah's success as 'Operation Kamal' of BJP in this southern state.

But the names of those people can be named in this success story. They should be named after former Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa in the first line.

Karnataka is the first state of South India, where Bharatiya Janata Party's lotus feeding and its saffron were also tied to Yeddyurappa's head.

Although the BJP will be the chief minister in Karnataka, its formal announcement is yet to be done, but those who doubt the name of Yeddyurappa will be less.

Yeddyurappa will be the Chief Minister for the fourth time But for this 76 years of age can not be borne.

In this case, Yeddyurappa has also surpassed former Deputy Prime Minister LK Advani. The work that Advani can not even do, Yeddyurappa is going to do.

When Advani crossed the threshold of 75 years, the pair of Modi and Shah showed him the path of the governing board. Despite being 76 years old, Yeddyurappa has made his way.

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Regional face of the party

In 2013, the Bharatiya Janata Party had thought that there was no one bigger than the organization and after the removal of BS Yeddyurappa Jagdish Shettar was made the chief minister.

Yeddyurappa was the regional face of the Bharatiya Janata Party, due to which the party formed its first government in South India in 2008.

Although this government was supporting the JDS, the BJP had only two assembly seats in 1985, it increased to 110 in 2008.

Similarly, the percentage of votes increased from 3.88 to 33.86 in 2008.

All this was possible with the selective efforts of the Bharatiya Janata Party, which was the name of Yeddyurappa at the top.

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Yeddyurappa's revolt

The biggest strength of Yeddyurappa coming from the Lingayat community was the support of the Lingayats.

But when Yeddyurappa was surrounded by mining scandals, the Bharatiya Janata Party decided to take him out of the chief minister.

The angry Yeddyurappa set up a separate organization called the 'Karnataka Jan Party' and in the assembly elections held in 2013, he created such a barrier for the BJP which benefited the Congress and formed the Congress government in Karnataka.

Bharatiya Janata Party leaders and Yeddyurappa and their leaders associated with the organization have a bitter statement.

Many Bharatiya Janata Party leaders like S. Ishwarappa and Jagdish Shettar were openly handling against Yeddyurappa.

Yeddyurappa's revolting Bhartiya Janta Party was very expensive.

Though Yeddyurappa's party got only 6 seats, but because of them, the Bharatiya Janata Party's candidates had to face defeat in the second.

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Shah returns home 'return home'

In the previous assembly elections, Yeddyurappa's Karnataka Jan Party party was somewhere in the second place.

There were 30 such seats in 224, where the Karnataka Janpad and Bharatiya Janata Party's total vote was much more than the Congress-winning candidate. Bharatiya Janata Party got reduced to 40 seats.

In the meantime, the BJP won the general election in 2014 and Amit Shah assumed the post of the president.

Yeddyurappa's 'homecoming' came on the initiative of the old team and Amit Shah. They were first kept in the organization's central committee. Later he was handed over the charge of the State President.

This decision opposed the BJP leaders who had barricaded against Yeddyurappa's revolt.

Senior party leader in Karnataka S. According to Prakash, BJP and other parties got more votes than Congress. But due to the separation of Yeddyurappa, the party faced a lot of damage.

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Hanuman made BJP

In the state, party spokesman, Baman Acharya did not want to see the pages of history reversed. He said that 'whatever happened has happened,' and Yeddyurappa will prove to be Hanuman for the organization.

Balan Acharya had claimed that BS Yeddyurappa was the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party in South India, who had formed the organization on his own.

With the announcement of assembly elections, Yeddyurappa took charge of the entire state.

Some opposition voices emerged within the party about the allocation of tickets, but Yeddyurappa had full support of the party high command.

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Degree controversy

According to the 2013 election affidavit, Yeddyurappa BA (Bachelor of Arts) is nearby. Then Yeddyurappa contested the election from the Karkarepura assembly seat from the Karnataka Janata Party ticket.

But in the forthcoming elections, they appear 12th. He has given this information in his affidavit of 2014 and 2018.

In the affidavit of 2013, Yeddyurappa has said that he is a BA from Bangalore University.

But when he contested the Lok Sabha election from BJP's ticket from Shimoga Lok Sabha constituency in 2014, he said in his election affidavit that he has done pre-university course from Mandai's Government College.

Pre-university course is considered equivalent to the 12th class. After graduation in pre university course studies. At the same time, this time in 2018 this information has been given.

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Power of sexes

Senior journalist Vijay Grover said that the BJP used BS Yeddyurappa only as a mask.

He said, "There is no leader like Yeddyurappa in the Bharatiya Janata Party, in Karnataka, so he has made his face forward and contested the party."

Through the Lingayat community's vote, Yeddyurappa had emerged as strong in Karnataka politics, the Congress had tried to divide it too.

With this step, the followers of the Veerashiva cult of Lingayats were shocked. Yeddyurappa comes from the Veersheva cult, while the minority status of that cult was recommended.

Minority status is recommended to be given to Lingayats who followed the words of Jagatguru Basavanna.

Analysts thought that the Congress had taken the trick just before the election, which raised big challenges in front of Yeddyurappa and Bharatiya Janata Party.

But Yeddyurappa proved that his 76-year-old age has not been taken to the board of governance and Narendra Modi did not believe in the ground reality of the state and expressed confidence in him and made him the chief minister's face, was not unnecessary.

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