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Kawand Yatra: The Fact About Watering in Shiva Temple of Muslim Ladies – jj

Kawand Yatra: The Fact About Watering in Shiva Temple of Muslim Ladies


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A video of some women carrying a bargain worn on the social media is being shared with the claim that some Muslim women have used water for the ancient Shiva temple at Deoghar in Jharkhand to avoid the halala and divorce.

With this claim Facebook and Twitter have been shared hundreds of times in the last 48 hours and have been seen more than seven lakhs.

It appears in the video that some menstruating women are involved in a convoy by wearing cottage on their shoulders. Other women in this hall are wearing saffron cloth.

The one minute video that people posted on social media has written a similar message.

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The BBC's hundreds of readers have sent us this video through Whatsapp, and want to know its truth

The message is, "Thousands of Muslim girls took away the Devoghar water and used to pray for the marriage of Hindu boys so that they could be free from three divorces." Bholenath fulfills his desire.

But in our investigation we found this claim wrong. These videos belong to Indore, not in Devgarh district of Jharkhand but in Madhya Pradesh.

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Reverse Image Search shows that a special Kannada tour was organized for two years between 2015 and 2016 in Indore city of Madhya Pradesh, in which Muslim women had also participated.

According to local media reports, this event was organized by an institution called Madhya Pradesh's 'Common Culture Forum'.

To get more information about this Kannvad yatra which took place many years ago, we talked to the organizer of the organization, Sam Pavar.

He told that the viral video on social media is on August 14, 2016.

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Same Pavar, Shivraj Singh Chauhan from Madhya Pradesh has been serving the post of state minister in the government and is also associated with the minority commission of Madhya Pradesh.

They told the BBC that "we had organized this goodwill Kannvad Yatra for two years.In 2015, about 1,300 Muslim women had participated in it, whereas in the year 2016, more than four thousand Muslim women had visited this place."

"Both of these visits were organized in Indore city. The video of Kaanvar Yatra is now being circulated with the wrong message on social media, starting with Gandhi Hall of Indore ended with Jalabhishek at Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple was."

According to Same Pavar who came from the Parsi community, Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar was the chief guest at the Kawad Yatra in the BJP government and some religious leaders of all religions were involved in this journey.

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A sign trip

He said, "We had prepared the draft of this journey only after talking to Hindu and Muslim religious leaders, we had taken full care of that there should not be anything in the journey that might hurt anyone's religious sentiments. About one and a half kilometers of symbolic journey was completed, after which the Kavvadas were given to Hindu women so that they could perform Jalabhishek by going inside the temple. "

We asked Seam Pavar that the video of that journey was being used to instigate religious sentiments, which was organized to give the message of Hindu-Muslim unity to the Kaunvad Yatra. How do they see this?

He said, "It is very regrettable that when we conducted this symbolic tour, even then people raised many questions. Many people did not believe that people of Muslim community in such a religious ceremony of Hindus This is the reason that Muslim women had to come in the vicinity of their voter card in the yatra. "

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