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Madhya Pradesh: BJP blames Kamal Nath authorities for throwing a blow – jj

Madhya Pradesh: BJP blames Kamal Nath authorities for throwing a blow


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In Madhya Pradesh, the Kamalnath government has given a huge blow to the BJP. Two BJP MLAs joined the Congress on Wednesday.

Two BJP MLAs Narayan Tripathi and Sharad Kaul have taken the Congress's favor. In this way, the BJP threatening to demolish the Kamalnath government has had to bear its own losses.

The BJP, which claims to drop the Madhya Pradesh government ever, was shocked at the Madhya Pradesh assembly on Wednesday when two of its MLAs voted in favor of the CAGRES by voting the cross.

A total of 122 votes were cast in favor of the government. Congress had the support of 121 MLAs, but it got 122 votes. One was the president.

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Political stir

After the fall of the Congress-JDS government in Karnataka, the political turmoil in Madhya Pradesh also got faster. In the House on Wednesday, Leader of Opposition Gopal Bhargava had said that if the order from above comes, then the government can be dropped within a day.

After which Chief Minister Kamal Nath had challenged the BJP that he should bring a non-confidence motion in the House.

But on Wednesday, the CAGR has already prepared that it will break BJP legislators and that is why voting was done on the Criminal Law Amendment Bill in the House.

Chief Minister Kamal Nath said after the arrival of both the MLAs, "The Bharatiya Janata Party has been saying for the last six months that this is a minority government, even in the morning, the leader of the opposition said that if we get a hint then the government will go away immediately. They did not accept the resolution of the motion today itself. "

Kamal Nath further said, "Once it was to prove that the milk of milk should be water, it is not only on a bill that is voting today, it is a voting to prove majority." Two members of the party have cooperated with the government. "

Meher's BJP MLA Narayan Tripathi has also lived with Kagrenne earlier too.

After joining the party, he said, "I also need development of Meherpur." I would like to say that the Bharatiya Janata Party continues to propagate itself by making false promises. There have been very announcements in Maihar which have no work.

He said, "Today the government of the government of Kagrena is running very well in Madhya Pradesh, I was also with Kamal Nath before." That is why you should consider returning home.

The voting position in the House took place during the Criminal Law Amendment Bill when BSP legislator Sanjeev Singh demanded a division of the vote, which was accepted by Speaker.

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Not a single vote in the opposition

122 votes in favor of Kamal Nath government's bill. There was no single vote in the opposition because the BJP did not participate in partition. In fact, the Congress has got together with two BJP MLAs.

Opposition BJP spokesman Rajneesh Agarwal said, "A bill was voted because of which the leader of the opposition stood in the favor of the opposition and agreed to the opposition, demanding voting does the same which disagree with it but voting Demand was done by his own supporter. It is the government of the scared Congress that has done the job of indulging in unnecessary voting on the bill. "

He further said that this was not a voting on a belief motion nor voting on the motion of no confidence.

However, the BJP spokesperson refused to say anything about the future of both the legislators.

At the same time, political analysts believe that it was already decided that nothing is new in it.

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Girija Shankar said, "In the state there is no knowledge of the president of the BJP, neither the leader is aware of the opposition nor the organization is aware of the minister. Whatever the party can do, the party has shown the way out. is."

He says that when my parents do not survive, the people of the party will go around here and there only.

Former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan had said on Monday that if Kamal Nath government of Madhya Pradesh falls, then there will be no role of BJP in it because its internal discord and division will be responsible for it.

Of the 230 assembly seats in the state, Cagrans has 114 MLAs. The same, with the support of the BSP and independents, reaches its figure 121. But two more MLAs are now seen in better condition due to their involvement. BJP had 108 MLAs

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