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Pokemon Go provides Group Rocket and Shadow Pokemon – jj

Pokemon Go provides Group Rocket and Shadow Pokemon



Team Rocket has joined the game.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has finally added Team Rocket in its latest update, with battles now available within the game. By defeating the team, players can gain access to newly added Shadow Pokemon in the augmented reality mobile app game. You can encounter Team Rocket grunts at some PokeStops, which will appear on your map as black instead of light blue.

Shadow Pokemon also have a dark aura, and use the attack Frustration. Once you win a Team Rocket battle and capture one, you can use Stardust and Candy to purify it, which CNET sister site GameSpot says removes their dark aura and raises their stats. It also replaces the Frustration attack with Return.

“Trainers, we have an incoming message from Professor Willow: ‘I’ve noticed an alarming number of reports from Trainers who have found PokéStops that look…discolored?'” Pokemon Go tweeted with a picture of the Team Rocket insignia.

“After taking a closer look with Spark, Professor Willow reported that Pokémon with some sort of mysterious aura were hanging around these discolored PokéStops. We hope they can get to the bottom of this!” Pokemon Go added Tuesday.

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