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Rep. Jordan asks Tom Homan methods to Repair the Border Disaster – jj

Rep. Jordan asks Tom Homan methods to Repair the Border Disaster

I asked Tom Homan how to fix the crisis at the southern border. Here’s what he said: Follow Rep. Jordan on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jim_Jordan Like Rep.


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  1. They don't want the crisis to go away. They convince idiots that it's Trump's fault (when they actually admit it's real) and they are hoping more illegals come in and change the demographics so that they can stay or gain power. They are leeches.

  2. Yes Congress Democrat side do your job AOC your a joke the 4 girls of color do your job. You think the job is too bring down America, we the people of America will stop that shit, And stop using the race card it's getting old. Trump 2020??????!!! And let's get these girls out of Congress before it comes to a head!!! Traitors no body Cares what color you are it's your job in Congress that's sucking ?

  3. What is happening to the USA? And the congress sucks the big one they're going against The Constitution and the Bill of Rights Democrats are morons …Just look at California,homeless disease drug attic's mentally unstable and they do nothing to help but help illegal immigration WTF

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