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Star Well being Insurance coverage is fraud – jj

Star Well being Insurance coverage is fraud

On the month of April 2019 my father sent Star Health Insurance the medical file for the claim of Cataract Surgery done on the at “Om Netra Knedra & Laser Vision” on 11th March 2019 and was discharged on 12th March 2019 who is the customer of Star Health Insurance. After 4 months when we contacted for the claim status, we came to know that no claim has been registered.
All our files and documentation were given in a file submitted to the employee Anuradha of Star Health. On requesting for claim number, we were informed that no file has been submitted. It is seen that even the head of department Mr. Ram Diwedi is simply delaying the claim.
Today on 22th July 2019, it is seen that the same process of delaying and mental harassment has been committed by the organisation.
If they are unwilling to provide claim on time, then they should kindly return all our payments immediately, kindly do not keep us in suspense.
The company has poor work ethics and expecting any remidies is higly unlikly.



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