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Tales of Mel-Lenxia – a roleplay server for Minecraft – jj

Tales of Mel-Lenxia – a roleplay server for Minecraft

We have a new website!!! – www.mellenxia.com Tales of Mel-Lenxia is a detailed and rich roleplay server for Minecraft. It offers an in-depth and engrossing …



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  1. Revisiting for nostalgia, but it's a little more than that. This server is a prime example on how Minecraft used to be such a creative platform. New players don't understand the connection we had to the game back in these early days. Infinite possibilities that are now lost.

    RIP Minecraft 2009 – 2011

  2. Hello Dion. I have been working over a month and a half on my own RP server. We are still in Alpha soft testing stages but we are open to take new members and new team members (If you are looking into being apart of our development team) Check out our forums! Ill send you a PM with some information.

  3. Hello, anyone who frequented Tales of Mel-Lenixa. A great server, if my memory serves me.. A deep tragedy it died, morose that it's community was mainly left homeless. We are a group of people dedicated to starting an RP server like what was lost when Mel-Lenixa died. We need aid from those who were here before it's death.. Anyone who wishes to aid, add darkjames on skype…

  4. Join a new advanced Role-play server! We are a laid back advanced role-play server that gives the players all kinds of options and jobs to do. From purchasing your own land, to building your own kingdom. Maybe you would rather live in a nice home in the city or out in the village or hills. We are accepting applications and would love for everyone to apply! kindgomofalbianserver.webs.com

  5. I played for nearly a year, I left and the server continued. Eventually though it slowly died out and closed its door. Truly sad, I wish you could have seen it. There was and is nothing quite like it.

  6. Do you see yourself yourself as a good rp'er?
    Do you want to play on a really good server and are you ready to wait?
    There is hope for you, Lands Of Morundia is a upcoming rp server wich will be released in June.
    This is going to be a dedicated server with a good host.
    Look up Morundia on youtube, facebook or mc forum and see.
    You can also message me and ill put you on a special list of people wich will get extra items and better ranks
    So what are you waiting for?

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