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Horrible eviction of disgusting tenants! – jj

Horrible eviction of disgusting tenants!

This tenant not only forgot to pay their rent… they spent it on junk and left it all for us! The sheriff who evicted them didn’t bat an eyelid because he sees this …



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  1. I worked at a homeless shelter. Residents who wanted to get a job or rent an apartment or house so they could move out had to put down an address other than the shelters and they used a cell phone number. If they told where they were living the prespective employer or landlord would hang up on them or "the position is filled". Your actions do affect other people.

  2. My husband and I are doing a house that a very sick elderly man lived in with a dog. The dog was not getting let out. It’s going to look new when we finish it’s. We have done this kind of thing before. But it’s hard work. It make me feel like coming home and throwing out all my things so my children want have to deal with it one day. We hope to be ready to paint next week. The flooring with go down next month. I want it sprayed for bugs a couple times first. It can be profitable to flip homes but it’s nasty. The part I love is you always find neat stuff and I love the finish product. Leslye

  3. What a lazy ass Pig obviously you have nothing better going on in life you need to take your ass to the store get some disinfectant and a mop in the damn broom and clean this landlord's house this is total filth I don't understand how you lived like that you can see the dog pee all over the floor where it dried hope you don't have children and if you do I hope they take them away

  4. Oh my God how do people live like this look at that disgusting tile floor when all they had to do is use hot water in the cleaner in the f**** mop why would you rent a property and live like this and hand it back to your landlord like that you need to be ashamed and embarrassed for the video even being on YouTube what a pig nobody should ever rent to this person

  5. Lucky….I had a free loader subletting my two bed terraced house in London to around 12 people! They caused over 20K of damage. I will never rent again. It took me seven months to evict them all through the court despite the fact they weren't giving me a penny. This above is tame.

  6. I think those tenants were on drugs. they'll do weird projects like replacing the window with random windows and dumpster diving and probably finding the church pew and thinking it's an amazing find, plus the shopping cart full of cans to make some money, and hanging a boat from a tree etc. it's just stuff tweakers would do

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