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UK: 'Hindustani' Preity Patel turns into Dwelling Minister, 'Pakistani' Sajid Javid New Finance Minister – jj

UK: 'Hindustani' Preity Patel turns into Dwelling Minister, 'Pakistani' Sajid Javid New Finance Minister


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Preeti Patel of Indian origin will be Britain's new home minister Also, Sajid Javid has been removed from the post of Home Minister and now has been appointed Finance Minister.

That is, now the Home Minister of the UK is of Indian origin and Finance Minister of Pakistani origin.

Boris Johnson, who took charge of the post of Prime Minister on Wednesday, has formed his new cabinet.

After a dispute two years ago, Patel had to resign from the government in Teriza, but now her government has made a great comeback.

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Israel dispute

47 year old Preeti was born in London. Their parents are basically from Gujarat, but then they went to Uganda.

In the 1960s, they settled in the UK. Preeti Patel joined the Conservative party at an early age. At that time, his age was not even 20. Then John Major was the British Prime Minister.

After the controversy over her private visit to Israel in 2017, she had to resign from the post of International Development Secretariat.

Preeti Patel, who went to Israel on private family holidays in August 2017, had met Prime Minister Beninyamin Netanyahu and other Israeli officials.

He did not give the information to the British Embassy in the British government or Israel.

KanzRev. Party staring star

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In the Conservative party, he has been seen as a bright star.

Even before that he has played many roles in the government. He was made the International Development Minister in June 2016.

That is, he was looking at the financial help given to the developing countries of Britain.

He is a critic of the European Union. They voted against gay weddings and campaign against smoking ban.

He has been an old supporter of Israel.

She was first elected MP in the year 2010. Treasury Minister Praet Patel was promoted to the brave campaign.

After the 2015 general elections, he became the employment minister.

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EU anti-EU spokesperson also

Born in a Gujarati family who ran away from Uganda in London, Preeti Patel has been educated from the Watford Grammar School for Girls.

He has achieved higher education from Keel and Essex University. He has also worked in the Central Office of the Conservative Party and he was spokesman of Sir James Goldsmith's Referndam Party from 1995 to 1997.

Referendum Party was Britain's anti-EU party.

After becoming the Leader of the Conservative Party of William Hague, he returned to the party and was a Deputy Press Secretary from 1997 to 2000.

He has also worked with the leading liquor maker Diageo.

He lost the election to the Nottingham seat in 2005. In the year 2010, he won the election from Wittenham.

Preeti Patel considers Britain's former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as his ideal leader.

Who are New finance minister Sajid Javid

49-year-old Sajid Javid was born in the UK in Pakistan's family of origin.

When he was made Home Minister in the Government of Teríza May in 2018, he became the Home Minister coming from Britain's first racial minority community.

He is MP from Bromsgrove since 2010. He was born in a Pakistani family in Rockdale.

Regarding his family, he told Eveening Standard: "My father is from a small village in Pakistan and he only came to Britain to work at the age of 17."

He said, "He settled in Rockdale and worked in the mill of cotton here, but he was ambitious and he felt that the driver's pay was good, he became a bus driver. Used to work and that's why he was also known as Mr. Knight and Day. "

He studied school with Bristol, where his family bought a women's clothing shop. His family lived in a two-room flat above the shop.

During his schooling he became interested in the bank and the investment. At the age of 14, he met his father's bank manager and borrowed five hundred pounds. These funds invested in stocks. He became a regular reader of the Financial Times too.

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