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With dancing, nurses promote breastfeeding within the IMSS – jj

With dancing, nurses promote breastfeeding within the IMSS

With dancing, nurses promote breastfeeding in the IMSS

A group of nurses and workers of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) made a video to invite women to practice breastfeeding.

With the so-called 'dance of the chichi', IMSS employees are looking for women to practice breastfeeding. The song is a peculiar adaptation of the famous reggaeton song 'Despacito' and in the recording the participation of a botarga that simulates being a breast was observed.

In the video the group of IMSS workers could be seen dancing to the rhythm of the famous song

"Ten-pa-si-cough, to the newborn baby chest, train mommy little by little so that I am big and healthy," says the lyrics of the song, "is part of the lyrics of the song.

The medical institution has not reported whether it is an official campaign to raise awareness about breastfeeding.

The recording that has gone viral on social networks shows nurses, doctors, staff of an IMSS clinic and a bulgar who appears to be a breast, performing a choreography on the esplanade of a medical unit.


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