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ZEE info: Confession of Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan on terrorism | ZEE info: Confession of Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan on terrorism – jj

ZEE info: Confession of Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan on terrorism | ZEE info: Confession of Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan on terrorism


In America, during the Capitol Hill reception program, Imran Khan acknowledged among several US lawmakers and big personalities that Pakistan has been providing protection to terrorists. Imran Khan also acknowledged the existence of 40 terrorist organizations in Pakistan. However, like a clever politician, he added in his statement that all this was happening before his government came. But the reality is that in Pakistan too many such terrorist organizations are still active. And Jaish-e-Mohammed is also a product of Pakistan's panic factory.

Apart from this, Imran Khan also admitted in a program organized in Washington, US Institute of Peace, that terrorists prepared by Pakistan in Kashmir and Afghanistan were active. According to Imran Khan, the number of these terrorists is 30 to 40 thousand.

That is, Imran Khan has not only acknowledged that Pakistan is a paradise for terrorists, but he has also released the data of his crimes himself.

Pakistan lover gangs will be having big trouble hearing this from Imran Khan. Because this gang considers Imran Khan a messiah of peace. But today Imran Khan's confession has put a lock in the mouth of the Pakistan Lovers Gang and the proof gang.

The Pulwama assault took place on 14th February this year, immediately after the attack, the Indian Army had started a revenge operation and on 18th February the first installment of the turn of the Pulwama attack came. Then the security forces had killed a mastermind of the attack. The name of this terrorist was – Kamran aka Gazi. However, some of the soldiers of the army were also martyred in this encounter. Today is the day to remember the martyrdom of those soldiers.

Today, on 17 February 2019, Major Chitresh Bisht, who was martyred while defacing a Landmine in Naushera, should also be remembered. Those who had to get married on March 7 this year.

Along with that, remember the pain of the family of Maj Vaibthi Shankar Dhondial, who died in the Pulwama encounter, which the entire country had seen when his wife was giving him the last farewell. Still the country has not forgotten the pictures of the CRPF jawan Mohanlal's daughter, who is martyred in the Pulwama attack.

Two days after the Pulwama attack, on February 16, the body of martyr CRPF jawans was brought to Delhi, then Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself reached Palam airport in Delhi to pay homage to him. Then Prime Minister Modi also revolted martyrs. At that time all the big leaders of Congress and other parties were also present there.

It was felt that the whole country was united for the sake of the martyrs, politicians have forgotten mutual differences and decided to extend full support to the government of India for action against Pakistan.

But only after a few days of the attack, Congress had started politics on this. The Congress had raised a number of questions about the attack on February 21 by a press conference. After this, on February 26, the Indian Air Force took the biggest revenge of the Pulwama attack through Air Strike in Balakot, Pakistan. But even then the evidence did not bring peace to the gang. And he started questioning this feat of Indian Air Force.

This was a huge action of India against terrorism. And behind this was the hard work and bravery of Indian Air Force. But some political parties and intellectuals of India … started asking for the evidence of this Air Strike, from the government and the army and asked that the damaged bomb during the Air Force action in Balakot …. fell on the jams or trees of the forest Fell on? Some people were also asking if the terrorists were killed or not? If so, what is the number of people who die? However, AF Chief, A had answered all these questions. And the mirror was shown to those seeking the evidence.

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