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ZEE Info: Donald Trump's False Claims About Jammu and Kashmir | ZEE data: Donald Trump talks on Jammu and Kashmir mendacity – jj

ZEE Info: Donald Trump's False Claims About Jammu and Kashmir | ZEE data: Donald Trump talks on Jammu and Kashmir mendacity


Today we will first analyze the incomplete knowledge and scandal of US President Donald Trump on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir. And with the help of pictures, you will tell, how did Prime Minister Imran Khan fixing questions with regard to Kashmir during the meeting with Donald Trump. And in this same fixing the President of the world's most powerful country got stuck

During yesterday's meeting, the US President gave a very controversial statement to Kashmir. And told Imran Khan that during the G20 summit in Osaka, when they met Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India. Then Narendra Modi talked about mediating Donald Trump on the issue of Kashmir. After this statement of Donald Trump, there was a political clamor in India. And the opposition parties started demanding the Prime Minister of the country.

However, last night, the Foreign Ministry himself and this morning itself, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar has said in clear words in both the Houses of Parliament, that Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not say anything to Donald Trump. Nor did the Donald Trump request to be a mediator on Kashmir's subject. India's opposition has been attacked by Donald Trump's remarks.

On the other hand Trump's offensive comments on the Kashmir issue in America are being called Amate-urish and Embarrassing. And such people include Brad Sherman, a member of the Democratic Party of America. After the statement of Trump, apologized to the ambassador of India in the US. And it is clear that those who understand the foreign policy of South Asia, they are well aware that on the subject of Kashmir, India has always denied arbitration of any third party. He also said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi can never do such a comment. Donald Trump has no knowledge of Kashmir dispute. His comment is not just confusing. Rather Trump has embarrassed the US by saying such a thing.

There are many facets in this story, which demand analysis. And since, the center of the whole story is Kashmir. That's why we thought, why not today's DNA test is done directly from Kashmir. And this is where Donald Trump and Imran Khan should be exposed. Firstly, Imran Khan talks about fixing questions. Both of these leaders did not have 5 or 10 minutes yesterday. Rather, answered the reporters' questions for 40 minutes. The point of note was that the American journalists in White House were interested in Iran and North Korea. Because he was asking questions related to those same countries. But, most of the Pakistani journalists' questions, Afghanistan … were roaming around India and Kashmir.

The role of questions was created in this way, as the Pakistani journalists wanted to raise Kashmir's issue through Afghanistan. And it happened exactly the same. It was also seen on some occasions when Imran Khan was seen pointing to Pakistani journalists. You can also say that Imran Khan had already fixed the questions. Because, Kashmir was not in the agenda. During the 40 minutes, Imran Khan's Body Language was looking like it seemed as if he had already known, which journalist, at what time would he ask a question? Therefore, to listen to Trump's controversial statement on the issue of Kashmir, you have to listen to all the questions and their answers one by one. Who created the role of the Kashmiri question.

Firstly a Pakistani journalist mentioned the strong relations between India and America. And asked Trump, whether there could be strong partnership between Pakistan and the United States. When Trump was answering this question, at that time Imran Khan pointed to a journalist. First you see this full sequence.

Mr. President, Pakistan and Afghanistan are your colleagues for a long time. What is your opinion on terrorism and other matters? In view of this, how much relationship between Pakistan and America can be strengthened by India and the US are strong enough?

Donald Trump, President, America
This is a long pending question. It will take hours to respond. I would say, that our relationship with India is quite good. I also know that the relations between you are not normal. But in our talks today, India will be discussing deeply. Maybe, we can help. We will also talk about the issue of Afghanistan. We are reducing our troops from there and will continue to do so. In this direction, we are working together with Pakistan. Today, there will be talk about the issue of India and Afghanistan.
((Hereafter Imran Khan pointed to someone)

Now comes the second question. These questions were based on the personality of Imran Khan and Donald Trump. And when Pakistani journalist Imran Khan was reading alms in praise. At that time the Prime Minister of Pakistan had a smile on his face.
((During this question, Imran Khan was smiling)

Pakistani journalists
Sir, my name is Jahangir Bashir and I am from Pakistan's ary news tv. When Lindsay Graham met Imran Khan, he said that both of you have a similar personality. Just as you have fulfilled all the promises, Imran Khan is also trying to fulfill his promises. What would you say on this?

Donald Trump, President, America
I think our meeting will be very good today. I know that this is an important meeting. Pakistan can help us in Afghanistan. Right now we are like a policeman. We are not fighting any war now. If we have to fight in Afghanistan, then I can win the war in just one week. I do not want to kill 10 million people. I have plans ready for Afghanistan. Afghanistan can disappear from the earth within just 10 days. And I do not want to adopt that path. That's why we are working together with Pakistan and other countries. We do not want to be a policeman. Because, at this time we are only a policeman We have been there for 19 years. Which is absolutely crap. Pakistan is helping us in that. Because we do not want to be in the role of a policeman.

Imran Khan's smile was telling that all the questions were being asked under the plan already fixed. After this the turn of the third question came. In this question, the Pakistani journalist mentioned the sacrifice of Pakistan's army against terrorism. And asked Donald Trump, would the US announce a new package for Pakistan?

Pakistani journalists
Sir, I am from Pakistan's PTV network. The Pakistani army has fought a war against terror and has offered several sacrifices. But Pakistan was always doubted. America also suspended economic aid. At present, the financial condition of Pakistan is not well. So will you announce a new package?

Donald Trump, President, America
We were giving financial help of 1.3 billion to Pakistan. But the problem was that, before Imran Khan, Pakistan was not doing anything for us. They were going against us. One and a half years ago I stopped that help. I think our relationship with Pakistan is better than this at the moment. And in the future this relationship has the potential to be even better. We are working in that direction. I have many Pakistani friends. Who live in New York. They are quite smart, strong, like Imran Khan. >>

The environment had begun till the three questions of the beginning. And now it was turn, Kashmir question. However, before this serious question the environment was lighted up. Trump laughed at Pakistani journalists. And Pakistani journalists asked such questions, from which Trump should realize that in 18 years Pakistan did not do what it did not like for America, which he did not like. After all, a Pakistani journalist finally asked a question that has already been fixed on the issue of Kashmir. And Imran Khan was caught in the Donald Trump. Interestingly, Imran Khan did not allow the Pakistani journalist's question to be completed on the Kashmir issue. And when asking questions, they started giving their answers. Now you see this full sequence.

Donald Trump, President, America
Are you from Pakistan Good, I need some Pakistani reporters. I like Pakistani Reporters more, against US Reporters.

Pakistani journalists
Pakistan did not do what it did in these 18 years, which America did not like.

Donald Trump, President, America
I think Pakistan did not respect America during this time. Pakistan could do a lot.

((The question did not end … but Imran Khan understood it)
Pakistani journalists
Apart from Afghanistan, there is another threat to security in South Asia in Mr. President. And that is Kashmir dispute. No solution has been reached yet.

Imran Khan, Prime Minister, Pakistan
I will say to President Trump, that America is the most powerful country in the world. America can play a big role in establishing peace in the subcontinent. There are crores of people in subcontinent. But in Kashmir everyone has been kept hostage. And I think that the president of the world's most powerful country can bring together both countries. I can say from my side, that we tried our best. We took initiative from India for talks. But there is no way out yet. I hope the President Trump will push this process forward.

Donald Trump, President, America
I was with Prime Minister Modi two weeks ago and we talked about this topic too. He told me whether you would like to be an arbitrator or a punch? I asked, where? They said, Kashmir. Because these disputes have been going on for many years. When I came to know the reality of the Kashmir dispute, I was amazed. I think they want to solve this problem. You also want to solve it. If I can help in some way by becoming an arbitrator then I will definitely do it. It is difficult to believe that two countries, who have such a good leadership, can not solve this kind of problem. If you want me to be a mediator or a punch, then I will be happy to do this.

Imran Khan, Prime Minister, Pakistan
Presidents, I can tell you that millions of people will pray for you, if you have mediated to find a solution to this dispute.

Donald Trump, President, America
It must be resolved. They also asked me this. I think we will talk to them or I will talk to them. Let's see, what can happen. Because I have heard a lot about Kashmir. That's so beautiful name. It should be the most beautiful place in the world. But there are bomb blasts everywhere right now Things are not okay And it's been so many years since. I would be happy if I could do something.

After Trump's disputed statement, when America was fooled So he tried to control Damage.

The US State Department said that there is a bilateral issue between Kashmir, India and Pakistan. And Trump administration will be happy if both countries sit together and talk. And America is ready to cooperate. The US State Department spokesman also said that the atmosphere of dialogue between the two countries would arise only when Pakistan would take strong action against the terrorists and their organizations present on their land.

India's stand on Kashmir issue has always been this. Any negotiations with Pakistan, after the cross-border terrorism has ended, will be under the Lahore Declaration and Simla Agreement. But, sadly, on such a serious topic related to national interest, the politics of free politics has started in our country.

Rahul Gandhi has said so far, that a weak foreign ministry denial will not work. Prime Minister Narendra Modi must tell the country itself, what was his conversation during the meeting with Trump? Rahul Gandhi has also alleged that if this is the truth, then Prime Minister Modi has made an agreement with India's interests and Shimla Agreement.

But we have no hesitation in saying that by telling India's foreign ministry weak, Rahul Gandhi has hurt the country's dignity. He doubted the worth of External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar. And the Prime Minister of India has sought the answer to the question, which in turn should be given to the President of the United States in correct way. Because, this absurd statement has been given by Donald Trump only. And this has not happened for the first time.

The Fact Checkers team of the American newspaper The Washington Post opened their pole just a few days ago analyzing Trump's suspicious statements.

And said, in 869 days after becoming President, Donald Trump made 10, 000 796 claims of false and misunderstanding.

According to the report, in 2018, Trump has 17 false statements every day.

On the issue of immigration, they made false statements more than a thousand times.

During this time, 900 times on foreign policy, 854 times on trade, 790 times on economy and 899 lies on other topics.

That is, the country where the president is habituated to lie 17 every day. How can it be expected of right and true things.
Looking at these figures, it will be said that Osaka was also met between Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There was talk too. But in this conversation, Kashmir was not mentioned far and wide. हालांकि, भारत का विपक्ष Trump के इसी झूठ के सहारे, राष्ट्रहित से समझौता करते हुए अपनी राजनीति चमकाने की कोशिश कर रहा है.

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