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7 killed, 21 wounded in three blasts in Afghanistan 7 killed, 21 injured as three blasts rock – jj

7 killed, 21 wounded in three blasts in Afghanistan 7 killed, 21 injured as three blasts rock


Kabul: So far seven people were killed and 21 injured in the three consecutive blasts in Kabul, Afghanistan. This information was given by the local authorities. Kabul police spokesman Ferdavas Faramaj told AFE News that the first blast took place at 8:10 AM when a suicide bomber riding on a motorcycle targeted a bus carrying employees of Khan (Mines) and Petroleum Ministry. In a statement in the Interior Ministry, it was said that the second attack was only done near the attack site.

In a statement, Waheedullah Myar, spokesman of the public health ministry said, "At least seven people were killed and 21 wounded in the attacks."

The figure of the deaths in the bomb blasts can go up further. On behalf of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it has been said that in these two attacks, women and children are also included in the death and injuries.

The third attack happened in another part of the city. It exploded in an explosive-laden vehicle. This explosion took place around the residential area, where there are also many industrial factories.

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But the target of the third blast has not yet been evident. According to the interior ministry, there is no information about the casualties in this attack. No group claimed the attacks, but the government suspected that bomb blasts were done by the Taliban.

The official statement said, "Taliban violence is continuing against civilians across the country, the internal ministry condemns today's disgusting and insensitive attack."

In Kabul, a recent attack on July 19 killed nine people and 33 people were injured.

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