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Apple App Retailer is Getting Revamped With iOS 13: Right here's How – jj

Apple App Retailer is Getting Revamped With iOS 13: Right here's How


Bhupinder Kour

Apple App Store is Getting Revamped With iOS 13 Here’s How

iOS 13, the upcoming iPhone OS version, is bringing a huge difference in the way we interact with our devices. It is revolutionizing the way applications work, the extent of privacy and security options we have, and how iPhone app developers will soon deliver an exceptional experience.

But this is not all.

The successor of iOS 12 is coming up with one more significant change that is bound to spike the interest of both developers and users – Revamped App Store.

In full disclosure, these new changes are not as momentous like what we experienced in the case of iOS 11 when Apple introduced editorial content in Today tab, redesigned app page and provided separate tabs for Apps and Games. 

However, it is still a good update to keep an eye on – both from users and developers’ front.

Let’s look into the surprises iOS 13 holds for us in terms of App Store.

[Before jumping into what changes we will experience in the App Store this year, let’s have a look back at how App Store has changed iPhone app development services so far.]

Changes That iOS 13 is Bringing in the App Store

1. Dark Mode

Since Dark Mode is one of iOS 13 top features, it will undoubtedly be reflected on the App Store as well. Meaning, you will see white text over a black background, with highlighted boxes and cards of ‘dark grey’ shade on light grey backgrounds.

While this provides users with a seamless UI experience, it will, on the other hand, encourage iPhone app developers to look into making their app available in Dark mode using Apple’s recently announced SwiftUI framework.

2. Apple Arcade

The biggest change you will notice on the App Store screen is the replacement of the ‘Updates’ tab with ‘Apple Arcade’.

This change will bring make the App Store gain huge momentum – with users having their minds occupied with two different thoughts.

On one side, users will show curiosity towards Apple Arcade that will provide them with a no ‘in-app purchase’ access to 100+ ‘new and exclusive’ games and enable them to play them on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other Apple devices. While, on the other side, they will be wondering  where the App Store’s Update tab went and how will they update their application in the future.

3. App Update Relocated

While the option of automating the process of app update is still the same (Settings -> iTunes and App Store), the mechanism of updating your application from within the App Store will change.

In iOS 13, App ‘Update’ option won’t be available on the home screen of the App Store. So, to update your app, you will have to take the following steps:-

  • Tap on your Apple ID profile picture on the upper-right side of the App Store tab. On doing so, you will land on your account page that will be your one-stop-shop for performing all the actions, such as changing Apple ID settings, redeem a gift card, and more.
  • On the same screen, you will find a complete list of apps installed on your device – placed in a way that the apps requiring an update will be on the top.
  • Now here, either you can click on ‘Update All’ option or individually tap on all the apps that need an update and perform the action.

(Tip: If you do not find any update, you can hard refresh the screen to check for new updates.)

4. App Delete Option Changed

Earlier, Apple updated their iOS App Store with a revamped search interface and voice search support to deliver a seamless user experience. And now, they are simplifying the app delete process.

Meaning, now users will not solely have two ways to delete an application, i.e, either tap and hold on the home screen or visit Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage. 

Rather, they will be able to delete any application by dragging the App’s card to left on their Account page, along with updating their application.

Though these are the four prime changes that have been announced so far, many more are expected to make it to the list before iOS 13 update hits the mobile market. So, to keep yourselves updated with everything new that will hit the App Store with iOS 13 this fall, bookmark this blog.

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