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Apple's forthcoming 16-inch MacBook Professional units the desk for ARM-based MacBooks – jj

Apple's forthcoming 16-inch MacBook Professional units the desk for ARM-based MacBooks


Apple's 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models
Apple’s 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models

Jason Snell for Macworld:

A 16-inch MacBook Pro with reduced bezels and possibly a new keyboard design is coming in October… [with] a starting price around an eye-watering $3,000… The message is that at the high end, Apple is the maker of products built for the needs of professionals — and priced accordingly. In the old days, a power user could pretend they were a “pro,” but these days if you fancy yourself a pro you will pay dearly for it.

The shock and outrage (you know there will be outrage) when Apple dares to introduce a $3,000 laptop will die down and Apple will do what it always does. It will roll the improvements introduced in the 16-inch MacBook Pro down to the rest of its product line, slowly making them available at lower prices.

Maybe the future of Mac laptops really is two-fold: A set of pricey MacBook Pros powered by Intel processors, and (ideally) more than one ARM-based laptop that will fit the budget and needs of the general buying public.

MacDailyNews Take: Quite possibly, the 16-inch MacBook Pro will be to portable macOS machines what the Mac Pro is to desktops.

Of the new Mac Pro, every Mac user should be proud.

The Mac Pro is sort of like why you fund a space program, if you’re smart. Yes, there are pressing needs elsewhere (and, btw, there always will be; it’s a bad excuse for not investing in exploration), but if you’re not pushing, you’re stagnating. Nothing unexpected can be discovered, no new solutions uncovered when no new challenges are ventured. It’s why smart car companies make esoteric supercars of which only a few will ever be sold and on which the investment will never be recouped. As with supercars, lessons learned from the Mac Pro, the Mac flagship, will percolate throughout and improve all of Apple’s product lines. Yes, Apple worst-selling Mac is their most important.

May the Mac Pro never be dead-ended, abandoned, and ignored again!

Think about what you thought of Apple’s Mac lineup when it had a half-decade-old, neglected, dead-end design as its flagship. The entire Mac lineup was diminished. Apple’s management who allowed this to happen were diminished, too. People could only see the flaws – in the machines and the people. Now, with the new Mac Pro proudly raising the flag high atop the mountain, all Macs, and everyone responsible for making Macs, are lifted up along with it. — MacDailyNews, June 6, 2019

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