Azam Khan: SP MP Azam Khan's touch upon BJP MP Rama Devi, says: "I’ve loads to say about you; Lok Sabha Information Updates | Azam stated to the sitting MP on the speaker's chair- Maintain watching in your eyes, the speaker stated – apologize


  • Azam made a controversial remark for Rama Devi, MP from Shivar in Bihar, at that time, Rama Devi was on the Ascendant of the Presiding Officer as the Presiding Officer
  • After the controversy over the statement, Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla told Azam: It is an uncommon comment, you should apologize
  • Akhilesh Yadav said that there was no bad feeling in the language and language of Azam, if you feel that it should be removed from the proceedings.
  • News Agency quoted sources – Parliament session extended till 7th August

Dainik Bhaskar

Jul 25, 2019, 05:53 PM IST

new Delhi. During the discussion on Thursday in the Lok Sabha, SP MP Azam Khan made controversial statements regarding BJP MP Rama Devi. Meanwhile, Rama Devi, a sitting MP from Shivar (Bihar), was sitting on the chair of the Speaker. Azam said – you like me so good that I feel like I have eyes in your eyes. Rama Devi objected to Azam's statement.

Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that Azam should apologize. Speaker Om Birla asked Azam to apologize. After this Azam told Rama Devi as his beloved sister. But, on the point of apologizing, he went out of the house by saying that I do not have to talk to him here with insult. Meanwhile, the news agency told the sources that the Parliament session has been extended till August 7.

Akhilesh speaks for BJP MPs – no one more bad than him

Speaking on behalf of Azam, SP MP Akhilesh said, "If the language seems unbearable, then remove it from the record. But I do not think he did not say anything wrong. "Akhilesh said, pointing to BJP MPs," nobody can be more fanatic than them. If it is called Azam as Badmims, then it is insulting Parliament. You gave me a chance to speak. Who are those who raise this finger? ''

The speaker said – we should speak in moderation

Om Birla also reprimanded Akhilesh after Azam. The speaker said, "The word you used (Badmimz) is non-existent. This word is not appropriate. Even if a member of this side or minister said so, I stopped him from saying something like this. It is easy for your (MPs) to demand that remove it from the record, remove it. But why do we need to get out of the statement record? Once a matter is said, then it becomes public, so we should all speak in keeping with the limits of Parliament. "

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