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Civilization VI enlargement 'Rise and Fall' now on iOS App Retailer – jj

Civilization VI enlargement 'Rise and Fall' now on iOS App Retailer



The iOS version of Civilization VI has ported over its first expansion “Rise and Fall”, with an official announcement that the subsequent expansion, “Gathering Storm,” will be released later in 2019.

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, or Civ VI for short, is a turn-based strategy game developed by Firaxis Games and published by Aspyr media, and released to macOS, Windows, and Linux in late 2016. It was ported to iOS in late 2017, and unlike many mobile ports, the Civ VI port is a “buy once, play forever,” fully featured title.

When downloaded, users will get 60 free “turns,” allowing them to test out the gameplay, and then be given the option to pay $10 for the full version.

We’ve talked about our love of Civilization VI before, so we’re happy to see that the popular 4X strategy game is getting its first iOS expansion.

“Rise and Fall” adds in new leaders, maps, buildings, units and wonders, but also changes some of the core game play. Civ VI and prior titles in the series are known as “4X” games, centering around the mantra of “eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate.” However, “Rise and Fall” has made an effort to acknowledge that a civilization can make nonviolent progress as well.

The expansion had originally made its way to desktop versions in early 2018, and fans had speculated that the expansion may eventually release for the iPad. The desktop version of the game was well received, earning a 79/100 aggregate score from Metacritic. We anticipate that it will do equally well on iOS.

“Rise and Fall” can be purchased from within the unlocked version of Civ VI for $30.

Civ VI gameplay

In addition to “Rise and Fall” releasing, the developers have announced that “Gathering Storm” will release to iOS later this year.

“Gathering Storm” was released to the desktop versions in February of this year and improved the way worlds were generated, added in a new climate system and the addition of natural disasters.

“Gathering Storm” was also generally well received, with an 81/100 Metacritic score. We expect that this expansion will show up late this year and share the same $30 price tag that “Rise and Fall.”

Notice to prospective buyers: The developer makes special note in the iTunes store page description that users who purchase the full game or subsequent expansions will not be able to share them via Family Sharing.

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