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Corsair doubles down on gaming by buying boutique PC-maker Origin PC – jj

Corsair doubles down on gaming by buying boutique PC-maker Origin PC


Corsair One Pro i180 review
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Corsair is expanding its focus in the gaming market by announcing that it has acquired Origin PC, a boutique PC maker that’s known for a range of high-end, configurable enthusiast systems, like the Millennium, Chronos, and Neuron. In addition to making some coveted gaming desktops, Origin PC also makes workstations and laptops, and its optional Evolve upgrade warranty is a unique offering in the industry that allows gamers to sell back PC components at market value when they perform upgrades, saving them time and money in the process.

Details of the deal were not made public, but the companies announced that Origin PC’s range of custom rigs will complement Corsair’s existing brand of desktop systems, including the Vengeance PC, the Corsair One, and Corsair One Pro. Corsair is more widely known for its PC components and peripherals, like high-end DRAM modules, solid-state drives, and gaming keyboard and mice, but it has built a solid reputation with its pre-built PC products in recent years.

Initially, there don’t appear to be too many changes between the two brands — Corsair stated that Origin PC will continue to operate out of its Miami, Florida office as a separate brand within the Corsair family, and Corsair will continue to make its own branded PCs. The most immediate integration will be Corsair bringing its iCUE software, for synchronized system-wide RGB lighting control and performance monitoring, and its custom HydroX cooling system to Origin PC systems, with further integrations to be announced in the near future.

“Corsair is a fantastic partner to help take Origin PC forward, known for creating quality, highperformance products that fully align with Origin PC,” said Kevin Wasielewski, Origin CEO. “With a complete range of enthusiast PC products, Origin PC and Corsair are uniquely placed to create amazing new systems that make the experience of owning a personalized custom gaming PC better than ever.”

Both companies have been responsible for a number of highly coveted and powerful PCs that can be used as gaming desktops, home office computers, or even sleek workstations. Corsair’s One Pro i180, which we reviewed, is a compact desktop workstation that’s unmatched for its size, well-executed design, and performance, while Origin PC’s Neuron is among our top picks for desktop gaming PCs due to its compact midsize tower design, innovative flip-out tempered glass window for tool-less access to internal components, and powerful performance. For an even more powerful experience, the Origin PC Millennium supports multiple graphics cards, making it an excellent tool for creative workflows and a likely competitor to Apple’s newly redesigned Mac Pro. The acquisition also positions Corsair as a competitor to boutique brands like Digital Storm and Falcon Northwest.

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