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Dehradun: For any grievance now dial dial helpline 1905 | In Uttarakhand the system is disturbed, simply Dial Dial 1905, get answer of each grievance – jj

Dehradun: For any grievance now dial dial helpline 1905 | In Uttarakhand the system is disturbed, simply Dial Dial 1905, get answer of each grievance


Dehradun: If you are troubled by the government system and you are scouting the office about your problem, stop cutting the offices and complain to the CM Helpline. Yes, 1905 ie the CM Helpline is now becoming more and more difficult for the common man to reach the problem of government and the government departments. In the last five months, complaints have been taken in the CM Help Line.

In February 2019, CM Trivandrum Rawat launched the CM Helpline 1905 and so far 15837 complaints have been received in it. That is, now people are better understood to reach their complaints through the CM Helpline, instead of registering their complaints by cutting the circle of offices or making a long queue in the public court.

Found 15837 complaints yet
Chief Minister's helpline started on 23 February 2019 by CM Trivandrum Singh Rawat. Its purpose was to create a suitable platform for the solution of the problem of those people who live in far-flung areas of the state and can not rotate the government offices repeatedly due to their problems and resolve their problems. CM Trivandrum Rawat also called it a step taken in the direction of good governance. CM Cardinator Darshan Singh Rawat is monitoring the grievances of the public at every level.

There are four levels for redressal of public grievances and responsibilities have also been fixed for the officers in L1, L2, L3 and L4 and every level. So far, the government has received 15837 complaints. 5146 complaints have been resolved and 7342 complaints are yet to be worked out.

But authorities have closed the force of 3337 complaints, which will be reopened. According to the Chief Minister's Media Cardinator, these complaints will also be shown as to what is the reason behind closing their forces.

Helpline to decide the efficiency of officers and employees
Chief Minister Trivandrum Singh Rawat has said that the government is working towards good governance in the state and the government wants to develop a work culture. Therefore, compulsory retirement can also be given to those who do bad things. In such a situation, efficiency and efficiency of officials and employees will also be judged through the CM Help Line.

The government's stance will also be on those departments which will have more complaints. Every officer has to settle the complaint at his appointed time from his level. In the absence of this, the complaint itself will go to the second level itself. If there is no work at that level then the complaint will go to the next level.

In the end, the CM Office will monitor it at the CM level. I.e. the CM Helpline will also determine the efficiency of officials and employees. It can be said that if there were complaints of any officer or employee in the future, then the possibility of coming into the Jadi of his compulsory retirement in the future can not be ruled out.

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