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Don't purchase a brand new iPhone but! We've bought particulars on new fashions coming quickly – jj

Don't purchase a brand new iPhone but! We've bought particulars on new fashions coming quickly


There’s a lot of money to be made in predicting the future, but some things are just bound to happen regardless of speculation. The sun will rise in the east, new Marvel movies are coming to theaters, and a brand new iPhone is set to debut this fall. It’s almost routine at this point, but Apple has become a master of building hype for its products — even if nobody knows what they are yet!

Well, in another routine bit of news, photos of Apple’s upcoming iPhone (rumored to be called the iPhone 11) have finally leaked on the internet — along with a number of anticipated tech specs and details. The phone looks poised to deliver a powerful new set of chips, a better camera, and better battery life than the current offerings from Apple’s stable.

As for design, well, you’ll just have to see it for yourself. Could this phone be the next big thing for Apple? Or should you hold off on upgrading until next year (or the year after that, maybe?) One thing’s for sure, you’ll have to wade through hordes of dedicated Apple fans to get your hands on this killer device.

Upcoming iPhone boasts powerful guts, ugly camera

In a story published by 9to5Mac, reliable iPhone analyst Guilherme Rambo detailed the newest upcoming phone from Apple, along with some general information on its specs and camera. According to him, the company plans on releasing three new models this year — similar to when it launched the XR, the XS, and the XS+ in 2018.

The phones will apparently continue to use the same OLED and LCD screens found in last year’s models but will sport a faster kind of processor called the A13 chip. The exact speed of this chipset has yet to be confirmed by Apple but is rumored to increase multi-core performance.

The phone is also said to sport an improved camera with a wide-angle lens — the first-ever iPhone to include this feature. Contrary to previous rumors, however, the iPhone 11 will supposedly keep the existing Lightning connector as opposed to switching to USB Type-C.

As for images of the new phones, they’ve been floating around on Twitter for some time. This new report all but confirms the reliability of these images, which were allegedly leaked from supply chain sources and case manufacturers. A number of Twitter and YouTube personalities have taken it upon themselves now to analyze and report the findings.


As you can see, the new phone sports an unusual camera array on the back, which takes the form of a large square bump on the phone’s rear enclosure. This array includes the dual-lens setup seen in previous iPhones, as well as the wide-angle lens mentioned above.

According to rumors, we may also see additional color offerings from Apple this year in the form of grey, turquoise, and lavender.

Should I wait for the latest iPhone model?

Right now, as Apple has yet to completely detail all the new features of its device, it may be worth waiting and seeing whether Apple has some more tricks up its sleeve for the final release. One thing is for sure, this isn’t a major redesign like what was seen with the launch of the iPhone X.

Apple has previously announced to industry insiders that it’s approaching product development in “three-year cycles,” which leads to more radical redesigns every other year rather than every year.

Approaching design this way allows Apple to refine its products more closely to its vision, but for eager consumers, the refreshed products can feel like somewhat of a letdown. If you were hoping for a radical new phone, or were hesitant to buy a phone now due to fear of missing out, you don’t need to worry.

However, I would still advise waiting for the event to make your final decision. Apple sometimes restricts new features of iOS to its latest models, so if there’s something absolutely killer (like Siri was when she first came out on the 4S,) you might feel left out on release day.

Thankfully, September isn’t too much further out. Make sure to keep checking Komando.com as news continues to emerge about Apple’s upcoming products, software, and services.

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