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FACEBOOK पर आपकी पल-पल की हरक़तों को इतने पैसों में बेच दिया गया | CRIME TAK – jj

FACEBOOK पर आपकी पल-पल की हरक़तों को इतने पैसों में बेच दिया गया | CRIME TAK

Libra already has the dubious honour of being so dodgy that its dodginess is pretty much the only thing U.S. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle can actually agree on. It’s been dubbed a “shitcoin” by a sitting congressman, put on tweet-blast by Donald Trump, and sent some other cryptocurrency prices tumbling.

To top it all off, Facebook’s decentralised blockchain currency project is inspiring some online (ahem) entrepreneurs to sell fake Libra — even though it won’t be available until 2020.

A Washington Post report found that “roughly a dozen” pages across Facebook and Instagram are pretending to be authorised hubs where users can purchase the currency, using official marketing images and designs, and sometimes even photos of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Some promise discounted rates available on external third-party sites.

One video viewed by the Post showed Zuckerberg accompanied by a voiceover explaining the currency, and claimed 20 million “coins” had already been distributed to “early investors.”

With onlookers already wondering exactly how Libra will avoid undermining sovereign currencies, now there’s another question: How much responsibility does Facebook have when it comes to policing scams and fraud based on its own currency and hosted on its own platforms?
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