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Hearth Prevention Begins within the Kitchen: Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance coverage Firms … – jj

Hearth Prevention Begins within the Kitchen: Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance coverage Firms …


WILKES-BARRE, Pa., July 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Kitchen fires are a common occurrence fueled by the combination of everyday distractions, hot kitchen stove burners, and the grease laden environment of the kitchen. According to the National Fire Protection Association, a home fire occurs every 88 seconds and cooking is the leading cause of home fires. The Insurance Journal states that fire-related claims are also the most expensive. 

Auto-Out Venthood is a stovetop fire suppressor that works automatically upon flame-activation. Sold in a pair, the devices attach with a magnet to the underside of the range hood, positioned above the burners. Upon flame-activation from a grease fire Auto-Out automatically opens, releasing a safe and environmentally-friendly powder that smothers the flames. By helping to prevent grease fires from spreading past the cooktop, Auto-Out can keep disastrous fires at bay.

According to Sy Foguel, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companies “We know that protecting your assets and residents is critical. That’s why we have partnered with Auto-Out® cooktop fire suppressors offering product discounts to eligible policyholders with apartments, residential condominiums, or townhouses when Auto-Out fire suppressors are installed in all units.”       

Auto-Out is currently installed in over one million residences nationwide ranging from single to multi-family housing.  Property owners using Auto-Out have reported improved claims records, resident relations, and profitability. For as little as $31, you could save yourself a $75,000+ fire claim. Installing Auto-Out is not only a smart decision from a safety and security standpoint, but also from a financial perspective.

Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companies is a property and casualty insurance specialist writing policies nationwide for over a quarter million policyholders.  Headed by CEO and President Sy Foguel, the Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companies maintain a total of eight offices throughout the country. To learn more about Berkshire Hathaway GUARD visit http://www.guard.com.

Manufactured in the United States, Auto-Out holds a certification of testing from Southwest Research Institute®, one of the oldest and largest independent, nonprofit, applied research and development organizations in the United States. For more information please visit www.Auto-Out.com, email sales@auto-out.com or call 817-924-1370.

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