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Flight Attendants, Airline Employees Need Union Recognition From CAL – jj

Flight Attendants, Airline Employees Need Union Recognition From CAL

The Aviation, Communication & Allied Workers Union (ACAWU) is calling on Caribbean Airlines Limited to recognise the union as an authorised body to …


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  1. OUTSOURCING of government jobs to companies like swissport at piarco airport allow the company to get the bread ,ie, big money while CITIZENS that work for the NATIONAL AIRLINE only get the CRUMBS. CITIZENS should Always have DIRECT EMPLOYMENT with government agencies. This is how the poor and middle class are made to be poor.

  2. I encourage the Union and CAL Mgt to work together to resolve their differences. Hear me out brethren the workers need the Airline assets much as the Airline need the Workers. This presents a challenge for both Union who represent the workers as a bargaining body and the CAL Mgt. I trust matters will be resolved so that both workers and airline Mgt will have respect for one another allowing harmony to prevail. I write with concern and interest in the situation at our Piano Into Airport.

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