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How Pakistan enters China and USA – jj

How Pakistan enters China and USA


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Many historians tracking international politics believe that Pakistan has made many strategic mistakes since its existence in 1947.

In these mistakes, the attack on India in 1971 is considered to be Pakistan's biggest mistake. It was such a big mistake that Pakistan was partitioned and a new country named Bangladesh was born.

There are many other mistakes in Pakistan that are fewer. After the war with India in 1971, Pakistan made an alliance with China.

Pakistan has kept friendship with China in mind, keeping in mind poverty and strategic plans. It was also argued that Pakistan was close to China, that it is necessary for its protection. But many experts say that Pakistan has done worse than its prospects by coming closer to China.

The story of the emergence of China and the coming of Pakistan came together. India has been a major reason for China's closure with Pakistan.

China had also fought with India and had an enemy friend of the enemy.

It is true that China had attacked India in 1962 but today's date has a rich business relationship between the two countries.

Pakistan also thinks that China will reduce its dependence on the United States as the United States wants to keep friendship with India as well. Pakistan also feels that due to friendship with China, its economy will be cured.

Pakistan's historian Mubarak Ali believes that Pakistan has made many such mistakes since its inception that it has not been able to come out till date.

He says, "When Nehru dismissed the United States, Jinnah adopted America so that some funds would be acquired. Jinnah felt that America is a country that can help Pakistan, but the biggest mistake was that Pakistan should not have gone in any part like Nehru during the Cold War era.

Mubarak Ali says, "After this, Pakistan relied on the United States in the war in 1965 that it would help but America remained neutral. 1971 also saw a war with India and once again Pakistan felt that the US would help but it did not happen. If the US helps, then Pakistan is not divided, but Bangladesh becomes. "

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Now the questions are raised that what Pakistan has achieved from China's friendship?

China's loyal allies are Cambodia, Iran, Myanmar and North Korea but there are no dignified relations with them. The relationship between China and Russia is seen with the specter of totalitarian power. Many analysts from around the world believe that China is opportunistic and clever with its colleagues.

He has to pay the huge amount of financial help Pakistan has received from Pakistan. Pakistan has invested $ 60 billion under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPC) project, but its large amount is as debt and its interest rate is seven percent.

It is possible that Pakistan could not afford to pay these loans to themselves.

In Sri Lanka, China invested so much that Sri Lanka found itself unable to repay the loan and ultimately had to hand over the Hambantota port on lease for 99 years instead of debt.

This kind of fear is being expressed with Pakistan. Now the Sri Lankan government has a feeling of such mistakes and they are trying to avoid mistakes like the previous governments.

Mubarak Ali believes that Pakistan first trusted the US but got nothing from there. He says, "Every country takes lessons from its history but Pakistan has not taken a lesson. The dependency on the United States is now based on China. The dependence that China has on dependence has reached a dangerous level. Even on China, the confidence of the common people in Pakistan is continuously decreasing. No country should put all their eggs in one basket but Pakistan did the same with China. We raised the Taliban against Russia in Afghanistan and now it has become a canker for us. "

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However, Pushpesh Pant, an expert on international affairs, believes that Pakistan's army from China has been strengthened in terms of weapons and missiles. He says, "China has helped a lot in the construction of state-of-the-art missiles. Pakistan's friendship with America and China has been against India since its inception. Pakistan went with America in the Cold War and India forwarded the non-alignment, then things had cleared. America's agenda was clear during that the person who is not with him is against him. "

Pant says, "America has provided a lot of military support to Pakistan. For this, the United States has created a military dictatorship in Pakistan by eliminating democracy. Pakistan has used the US according to its own but America has played an important role in saving Pakistan's survival. The United States suffers the full expenditure of the Pakistani military. "

But how much strength did Pakistan get from China and the United States, and how much power there was in the economy and democracy?

China is also investing in Pakistan because its wider interests are linked. China has also shown interest in creating a naval base in southwest Pakistan Jivani. Jivani is 80 km away from Gwadar Port. It is just 15 miles away from the Iran border. And this is not a coincidence that Iran, Iran, India and Afghanistan together with Chabahar are developing together.

The distance between Jivani and Chabahar is filled with a stone throwing. If China built the Jivani base, Chinese Navy ships will be able to move freely in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean.

China's military presence in Pakistan itself will not be in the right of Pakistan. It is said that this will bring sovereignty to Pakistan in jeopardy.

If China's army is present on Pakistani soil, Pakistan will also be a target in case of conflict with China and India.

With China's growing interest in north-western Pakistan, India is already alert. In Iran if Chabahar Port develops India, entry in Afghanistan and Central Asia will be easy. Clearly, China's growing presence in Pakistan will increase the fear of confrontation in the area.

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Pakistan wants that they together with both China and the USA are simple but this is not possible. America's interest in Pakistan was linked to the elimination of the Taliban in Afghanistan, but this could not be possible.

Since the advent of the Trump administration, the trust of the United States on Pakistan has been reduced. The United States has accused Pakistan of supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan. In view of this, the United States completely closed the economic and military assistance of Pakistan.

The US used to give approximately $ 1.3 billion each year to Pakistan.

But in recent years, India has achieved some success in separating Pakistan despite its close friendship with China in international fora.

The relationship between India and the United States over the last decade is on the ground that if there is any confrontation in India and Pakistan then India can call for help from the US, but Pakistan is not in a position like this now.

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Is Pakistan now in a position not to accept every demand of China?

Recently, the United Nations Human Rights Council issued a statement on the atrocities of Weger Muslims in China, almost all Muslim countries supported China and said that this is a necessary step for China against terrorism. Pakistan was also involved in this.

The visit of Imran Khan to the US and Trump was on the hope that Pakistan would be able to revive its relations with the United States. Pakistan's ally of America was formed only after it was formed in 1947.

It was also because Jawaharlal Nehru dismissed the United States partnership. India was close to the Soviet Union and Pakistan saw its profits and kept itself with the United States.

Between 1954 and 1965, Pakistan received US $ one billion dollars of arms and defense cooperation.

At that time it was a huge amount. When the Soviet Union attacked Afghanistan, then both the countries came closer. After Israel and Egypt, Pakistan became the third largest country in the world to help America.

In Pakistan and the United States, despite being so much, how much disbelief?

In 1955, Pakistan had joined the Central Treaty Organization (CENTO). The then President of Eisenhower of the United States formed it on the basis of Neto.

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When Pakistan and India fought in 1965 and 1971, Pakistan asked for help from USA. But the United States kept itself neutral. Pakistan's leaders felt that this is a fraud. Since then, bitterness has started growing in both the countries.

Pakistan's nuclear ambition also played a role in enhancing bitterness from the United States. Pakistan had started nuclear program in 1955 and he had joined the nuclear program for peace in the Eisenhower Administration.

A decade later, Pakistan established the nuclear reactor before the help of the United States. Pakistan kept its ambitions ambiguous that it wants to acquire nuclear weapons. But things changed in 1965 This year, Pakistani leader Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto announced and said, "If India builds bombs, we will eat grass and even be hungry but we will make our bombs. We will not have any other option. "

Pakistan made nuclear bomb, but the Taliban did not end up with Afghanistan. Even Osama bin Laden was caught by the United States in Pakistan. Today Pakistan is struggling with the biggest economic crisis since its inception, but the US is not coming forward to rescue it, nor its evergreen friend China.

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