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How To Select The Greatest Particular person Well being Insurance coverage Plan – jj

How To Select The Greatest Particular person Well being Insurance coverage Plan

Contact Info: Reggie Delaney @ Phone: 347-669-2447 Web: http://www.mybestinsuranceplans.com reginalddelaney@rldelaneyinsurance.com Servicing all of …



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  1. The best advice I can give is to avoid Blue Cross Blue Shield at all costs.  I paid them a lot of money every month for years without any kind of major claim, but when I had to have life saving emergency surgery BCBS paid $1200, they left me with over $28,000 to pay on my own.  It financially ruined me and at this point the hospital is trying to take my house from me because I couldn't make the $6200 a month they wanted. 

  2. Reggie I am a agent also good information except all "policies are a like the only difference is who choose to do business with". This varies according to company there are plans that are clearly better than others based on services provided and premium paid,

  3. You can go to http://WWW.healthcare.gov and click on see plans before I apply. Chose a plan you qualify for. You will need to answer some demographic information. During your enrollment if you need additional information contact me at 9082515143 or email me at omesabest@gmail. Also, you can entry my Name as your insurance Agent that help you navigate the system OMECA Best id 96321

  4. Hey Reggie, I wanted to ask well actually I am trying to find medical coverage for fiancee who has a pre-existing conditon heart murmur and asthma, she is located in California, I was wondering if you might have any leads? also we do alot of traveling abroad and might be in need of international health insurance..

  5. @Rollix100
    Hi Roll,
    I am licensed in the states of Texas and Georgia. Even though I can't write a policy for you, I'll be happy to answer any insurance related questions you might have. Let me know if you need help. Also, I have a friend in Florida that should be able to help if you would like for me to contact him for you. Take care

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