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How To Open A Mutual Fund Account? (Tamil) I By Chokkalingam Palaniappan I Prakala Wealth Administration – jj

How To Open A Mutual Fund Account? (Tamil) I By Chokkalingam Palaniappan I Prakala Wealth Administration

This video talks about the process of opening a mutual fund account. To know more, please visit us at:


The world is more advanced than ever. Indian economy is growing at a faster pace and expected to do so for the next 30 to 40 years. Indians are known world over now for their knowledge and we are the most sought after knowledge professionals in the world now. As the economy grows financial independence kicks in. As the financial independence rises each and every individual should protect their financial well being for themselves and their near and dear ones. That is where wealth management from a financial professional is needed. So far one person played multiple roles namely bread winner, house manager, investor, advisor, care taker, etc,. But with the faster pace in life, ever increasing responsibilities at work place and with increasing options, individuals need help of specialists so that they can focus on what they are good at. This is where Prakala Wealth Management can help you in fulfilling your financial security.

Prakala Wealth Management is a very young company founded in 2006. Chokkalingam Palaniappan who is currently a Director in the company and leading its operations has wide experience in the financial markets. Before founding the company, he lived, studied, and worked in USA for the past several years. He finished his MBA in International Management focusing on Finance from Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Arizona, USA and Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology (erstwhile REC), Jamshedpur, India.

After finishing his MBA he has worked with top ranking management consulting companies providing advice to managements of companies all over USA in the Strategy, Merger & Acquisitions, Finance, and Operations areas. The founders felt that there is a huge gap in quality financial advice to clients in India. Also, the financial advisors field is not yet well regulated in India. Hence, the so called Financial Advisors/ Consultants advise their clients to go into schemes where the Advisors will get maximum benefit/ commission. To fill this gap and to provide True Financial Advise to clients with clients interest as the main motto Prakala Wealth Management was found.

Today our client list includes both NRI (many of them from USA) and domestic clients. We offer a complete suite of financial products ranging from Mutual Funds to Insurance and other products that are needed by individuals, trusts, and companies.

Mr. Chokkalingam Palaniappan regularly writes articles in “Ananda Vikatan”, “Nanayam Vikatan” (a Tamil personal finance magazine) and The Hindu (Tamil). Also he writes now and then in “Dinamalar”, a leading Tamil daily. He regularly participates in the talk shows conducted by Sun News (a leading Tamil language TV channel ) in their “Varthaga Ulagam” program. He has authored a book on share market for beginners. It is published by Vikatan Publications. Please click here to see the cover page of the book. He regularly conducts free mutual fund awareness programs throughout Tamilnadu done by Nanayam Vikatan & leading fund houses. Also he conducts paid mutual fund workshops done by Nanayam Vikatan. To propagate mutual fund investments to the mass he continuously uploads videos on basics of mutual funds & personal finance. The ultimate motive is to bring more people into financial assets.



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