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Imperial Vary Gasoline & Electrical Deep Fryer Demo – jj

Imperial Vary Gasoline & Electrical Deep Fryer Demo

This video shows the differences in the gas & electric fryer setups, and the cooking power that these possess. An amazing purchase and a compliment to any …



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  1. In our homes we don't use the oil to cook more than 3 to 4 batches of any. We discard oil after. Fats break up. Most unhealthy that your body cannot handle. Yet in Fastfood chains they feed crap to its customers in form of deep fried food as shown in this video. They don't change the oil at all. They just keep adding. High temps too. Awful.

  2. i'm looking for a deep fryer that cooks two items in differnt oil. For example, fish on one well and veggies on the other.I don't want to contaminate the veggie flavor with fish. Are they available?

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