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Invitation to Pakistan can be accepted: Afghan Taliban – jj

Invitation to Pakistan can be accepted: Afghan Taliban


Invitation to Pakistan will be accepted: Afghan Taliban

Afghan Taliban says that if he receives an invitation from Pakistan to visit him, he will go to Pakistan and meet Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan recently said in his US tour that when he goes back to Pakistan he will meet with the Taliban so that he (Taliban) is ready for talks with the Afghan government.

Taliban's political office spokesman Suhail Shahin told the BBC on phone on the Doha's capital Doha that if he was given a formal invitation from Pakistan, he would go to Pakistan.

They said that we continue to tour the region and neighboring countries, if we get formal invitations from Pakistan, we will go because Pakistan is also our neighbor and Muslim country.

'Accusers will keep putting'

The Afghan Taliban have been charged several times before that Pakistan is supporting them. Yet Pakistan has repeatedly said that its Taliban had no effect as before.

In response to this question that the Taliban are already alleging that they are a proxy of Pakistan. So will not the charges be brought against them in and outside Afghanistan.

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Suhail Shahin said that those people who do not have any other evidence to fight against the Taliban, they will make such allegations against them, they have already installed and will continue to do so.

Shaheen said, "One is our Islamic and national advantage, in which we do not let anyone interfere. However, as far as relationship with other countries or neighboring countries is concerned, then we have our relationships with them and we also want to keep them. "

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On the visit to America, Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that he wanted to meet the Taliban's delegation a few months ago but because of concerns of the Afghan government, he refused to meet.

Afghan Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in a statement released to the media in February this year that one of his delegation will visit Pakistan and get the Prime Minister Imran Khan.

At that time some members of the Afghan Embassy in Islamabad had told the BBC that they had decided that if Prime Minister Imran Khan meets with the Taliban delegation, then he will postpone diplomatic relations with Pakistan.

Yet, according to Prime Minister Imran Khan, this time they are meeting with the consent of the Afghan government, so that they can prepare them for talks with the Afghan government and participate in the coming elections.

Taliban's political office spokesman Suhail Shahin says, "After the success of the talks with foreign powers, along with all the parties of Afghanistan, they will also meet with the Afghan government."

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We divided the issue of Afghanistan into two phases, one outer and second interiors.

The ongoing talks in the first part are now going to end. If this dialogue is successful, then we will have dialogue with all Afghan parties in the second phase, in which the Afghan government can also be included as a party.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also said in a trip to the United States that he could give the pleasure of the release of two foreigners who were kidnapped from Kabul.

62-year-old American citizen Kevin King and 50-year-old Austrian citizen Timothy Javin used to work as a teacher at the American University in Kabul, who had been kidnapped by the Taliban's capital Kabul in August 2016.

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On this statement of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Suhail Shahin said that he can not say anything for 48 hours, but at all times, it is an attempt that the prisoners should be transferred and their arrested partners should be released.

We have already transferred the prisoners for the release of the arrested cohorts and still try to do the same. It's a good thing if someone wants to play some role in it.

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