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'It's unhappy,' Port Arthur police examine after 4-year-old shot in again in drive-by – jj

'It's unhappy,' Port Arthur police examine after 4-year-old shot in again in drive-by


Port Arthur police are searching for the suspect or suspects who almost took the life of a 4-year-old boy inside a Port Arthur home. 

Willie Anderson lives a couple blocks away from the home where it happened. 

“I would lose my mind if something like that happened to my son,” Anderson said. 

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He said he heard the shots Wednesday morning.

“It’s sad when something happens and it involves a kid,”

The shooting left numerous bullet holes on both the house and cars parked in front of it.

“We were woken up by gunshots,” Marshall Eddie, the victim’s uncle said. 

He calls the boy Jay. 

He was home when the unthinkable happened.

“I just jumped on the floor, trying to stay out of harm’s way, I didn’t realize if it was a drive by or someone on foot shooting,” Eddie said. 

“One of the rounds had gone through the wall and hit this child,” Detective Mike Hebert said.

He said a more than a dozen rounds were fired.   

“Definitely appears to be a very calculated incident and they, we don’t know the exact number of bullets right now,” Hebert said.

The boy was taken by ambulance to a Beaumont hospital. Marshall says Jay had surgery right after the shooting.

Roy Anderson said he’s lived in the El Vista neighborhood for about three years. 

“That’s the first time this has happened here,” Anderson said. 

He’s noticed a change, even in that short time.

“I’ve been hearing all kind of things about shootings and drive-by’s and thefts,” Anderson said. 

“Everybody knows each other for the most part,” Anderson said. 

Anderson said he finds it hard to believe someone could have been that close to killing a little boy. 

“We as parents have to lookout and protect our kids. We have to be there for the future because they are the future,” Anderson said. 

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