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Kargil Vijay Diwas: 52 troopers of Rajasthan had been martyred in Kargil warfare, 22 had been sons of Jhunjhunun alone. Kargil warfare martyrs from troopers – jj

Kargil Vijay Diwas: 52 troopers of Rajasthan had been martyred in Kargil warfare, 22 had been sons of Jhunjhunun alone. Kargil warfare martyrs from troopers



Oi-Vishwanath Saini


Published: Wednesday, July 24, 2019, 19:09 (IST)

Jaipur. Whenever there is a mention of Kargil war in the country, then the name of the district of Jhunjhunun of Rajasthan will be taken with pride, because the martyr sons of Jhunjhunu, the most martyr in the Kargil war, gave them. Responding to the contempt of Pakistan, the second son of Jhunjhunun, who was martyred in Rajasthan, was the second son of the soldiers. One year after the completion of 20 years of Kargil victory 'Army of Rajasthan in Kargil' Know the series about the heroes of Rajasthan whose blood had turned red on the issues of Dras Sector of Jammu and Kashmir.

Kargil war martyrs from soldiers

527 martyrs were killed in Ragil war

In the Ragil war between India and Pakistan in May-July 1999, more than 527 Indian soldiers were martyred in the war. Apart from these, more than 1,300 were wounded. The special thing is that most of these soldiers were under 30 years of age. After the war of nearly 2 months, the war ended on July 26, 1999. This day is celebrated as Kargil Vijay Divas in India. Of the 527 martyrs, there were 52 soldiers from Rajasthan alone. Of these 52, 22 were from Jhunjhunun district only. This means that every other brave son of Jhunjhunun was a warrior who was martyred from Rajasthan.

Kargil war martyrs from soldiers

How many martyrs were killed from the district











Kargil martyr jawan in Rajasthan

1. Sepoy Vijaypal Singh, Dhaka's Dhanani, Jhunjhunun, June 10, 1999, 17 Jat Regiment

2. Nayak Ram, Mundariya, Bissau, Jhunjhunun, 7 July 1999, 17 Jat Regiment

3. Sepoy Air Singh, Basmana, Jhunjhunun, 7 July 1999, 17 Jat Regiment

4. Separate Naresh Kumar, Bhaloth, Jhunjhunun, July 7, 1999, 17 Jat Regiment

5. Hav Mani Ram Mahla, Sithal, Jhunjhunun, July 3, 1999, Jat Regiment

6. Hav Shish Ram Gill – 9th July 1999, Awarded Veer Chakra, Vishanpura, Jhunjhunun, 8 Jat Regiment

7. Subedar Bhanwar Lal Bhakra, Awarded by Veer Chakra, Debar, Nagaur, June 13, 1999, 2nd Rajputana Rifles

8. Subedar Herfool Kuli, Triloki's Bas, 30 May 1999, 17 Jat Regiment

9. Lance Naik Kharag Singh, Nangli Gujran, Jhunjhunun, May 6, 1999, 12 Jat Regiment

10. Sepoy Runvir Singh, Manpura, Jhunjhunun, 30 May 1999, 17 Jat Regiment

11. Sepoy Mula Ram Bidiyasar, Kathoti, Nagaur, 15 May 1999, 4 Jat Regiment

12. Separate Arjun Ram Basavana, Budhi, Nagaur, May 15, 1999, 4 Jat Regiment

13. Nayak Prabhu Ram Chariya, Indas, Nagaur, 13 June 1999, 18 Grenadiers

14. Sep Hirira Singh Purshanshi, Mukundpura, Jat Nagla, Karauli, 21 June 1999, 4 Jat Regiment

15. Sohan Singh Solanki, Mhow Special, Karauli, 4 August 1999, 4 Rajputana Rifles

16. Sepoy

Bhukha Ram Chaudhary, Patasar, Barmer, May 15, 1999, 4 Jat Regiment

17. Lance Havildar Mahendra Singh Goodar, Suratpura, Churu, 12 June 1999, 4 Jat Regiment

18. Sepoy Shoondan Ram Bazaria, Haripura, Sikar, 7 July 1999, 17 Jat Regiment

19. Lance Naik Daya Chand Jakhar, Rahanwa, Sikar, 12 June 1999, 4 Jat Regiment

20. Sep Vinod Kumar Naga, Rampura, Sikar, 30 May 1999, 17 Jat Regiment

21. Sepoy Banwari Lal Bagria, Sigdola Small, Sikar, May 15, 1999, 4 Jat Regiment

22. Sep Ganpath Singh Dhaka, Sihot Little, Sikar, July 27, 1999, 16 Granniers

23. Virendra Singh, Ajan, Bharatpur, 11 Rajasthan Rifles

24. Sep Kalu Ram Jakhar, Khairi Charanan, 4 July 1999, 17 Jat Regiment

25. Sepoy Karan Singh, Raipur, Rannoth, Alwar, 6 July 1999, 17 Jat Regiment

26. Sep Ved Prakash, Mohammadpur, Alwar

27. Military Shravan Singh Shekhawat, Army Medal Winner, Entry, Sikar, 4 May 1999, 12 Rajput Regiment

28. Lieutenant Amit Bhardwaj, Jaipur, May 17, 1999, 4 Jat Regiment

29. Sep Shesh Ram Nimar, honored with Army Command, Nourangpura, July 6, 1999, 17 Jat Regiment

30. Sep Raj Kumar Poonia, Bhansali, Churu, 24 May 1999, 18 Grenadiers

31. Lance Naik Vinod Kumar Kateva, Harpal Tall, Churu, June 13, 1999, 18 Grenadiers

32. Sep Bajrang Lal Nain, Sukkhania, Churu, 22 June 1999, 224 Medium Regiment, 28 National Rifles

33. Hav Bhagwan Singh, Abaurra, Bharatpur, 7 July 1999, 17 Jat Regiment

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