Mahendra Singh Dhoni 7 jersey might not be utilized in World Check Championship by staff India On the usage of Dhoni's quantity 7 jersey, the BCCI stated – its likelihood could be very low


  • India's first match in Test championship will be against West Indies from August 22
  • According to the new rules of the ICC, the names and numbers will be written on the players' jersey.
  • Dhoni retired from the Test in 2014, on this tour he is not in the limited overs team

Dainik Bhaskar

Jul 25, 2019, 09:45 AM IST

Sports desk All test matches from 1st August to 2021 will be played under the World Test Championship. India's first match will be against West Indies from August 22. This championship will also be written for the first time at the players' jersey with their names and numbers. There is doubt in the Indian team's use of two numbers jersey. First Sachin Tendulkar's jersey number 10 and second Dhoni's jersey number 7. According to the BCCI, the probability of using these two numbers is less.

BCCI retired Sachin's number 10 jersey

  1. After Sachin retired, Shardul Thakur once wore a number 10 jersey in ODI for a while. Then he was criticized on social media. After this, the BCCI retired the number 10 jersey in limited overs, but the decision was not taken for the test.

  2. In honor of Sachin, no Indian player wears a 10-digit jersey. It can also happen with Dhoni's number 7 jersey. Former Indian captain retired from Test in 2014. It is believed that members of the Indian team will use limited number of jerseys in the test.

  3. A BCCI official told the news agency, "Virat 18 and Rohit can wear 45 numbers. Most players will use their ODI and T-20 jersey numbers However, Dhoni does not play Test cricket, then Jersey number seven will be available, but there is very little chance that a player worn it.

  4. He said, "The number 7 jersey is directly connected to Dhoni. Jerseys with number one in the West Indies will arrive only after the one-day series. "Jerseys are not generally retired in sports, but after Indian cricket, Dhoni's stature is so big that BCCI can retire his jersey.

  5. Dhoni will not play in limited overs over the West Indies tour

    Dhoni will not play in the limited overs over the West Indies tour. He has taken a two-month leave. During this time they will be able to train in the parachute regiment. Dhoni was given the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 2011 by the Indian Territory Army. After the permission of Army Chief, they can also be part of the training of Parachute Regiment in Jammu and Kashmir. Army will not include Dhoni in any active operation.

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