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Monsoon: Damaged 54 years Rain recording in north Bihar | 5 rivers, together with Kosi on the growth, brought about heavy rains; Eight deaths because of drowning in six districts – jj

Monsoon: Damaged 54 years Rain recording in north Bihar | 5 rivers, together with Kosi on the growth, brought about heavy rains; Eight deaths because of drowning in six districts


  • Water in Jainagar due to breakdown of Kamala's embankment, administration eased half the city
  • Thousands of people from all villages are also affected, in many places, the train service also stopped

Dainik Bhaskar

Jul 14, 2019, 10:39 AM IST

Muzaffarpur / Madhubani / Supaul / Katihar Kamala, Bagmati, Gandak, old Gandak and Kaisi rivers are on the breezes in rainy areas of Nepal and in many districts of north Bihar. With the massive increase in the water level of the Kamala, the situation in Jaunagar of Madhubani has been alarming. Here the embankment of Kamala is broken. Due to this, flood water has flooded 90% of the shops of Jaynagar market. The administration has vacated half the city.

Thousands of people from dozens of villages are also affected by the flood. At the same time, there is a lot of pressure on water on the western embankment of Lalbakeya and Bagmatya rivers. Meanwhile, continuous increase in the water level of Kosi continues. Due to this, all the 56 gates of Veerpur Barrage were opened late last night.

On the other hand, Bagmati is flowing 2.67 meters above the red mark with the increase of half a meter in Katanga. For this reason there is panic in the Alia and Katra block. In a dozen villages of Katra block, they are migrating from water after entering the water. Kamla Balaan and Bhoothami river are also showing their rooftop look. With the addition of 1.89 lakh cusec water from Valmikinar Baraj to Gandak, water level of Gandak river has increased by 30 cms.

Eight die of drowning

Supaul: The water level of Kosi river is at the highest level this year. Water has entered water of five thousand families in Nirmali. About 40 thousand people are affected 3 dead due to drowning in Murliganj

Araria: Parman, Bakra, Nuna, Bhalua rivers are above the danger mark. The contact of Sica and Kursakanta has been broken. Five people have died due to drowning in two days.

Purnia-Katihar: In Parman, Kanakai, Mahananda, 20 thousand people of Amor and Biosi went to higher places. Hundreds of acres of land in Katihar merge in Ganga.

Tracks hit many places, train service stalled

After 54 years, the highest rainfall in one day in July has worsened the situation in different districts of north Bihar. Bagmati, Gandak and old Gandak are on the euphoria. The water level of Bagmati has crossed the red mark. Muzaffarpur-Sitamarhi, Sitamarhi-Raxal, Muzaffarpur-Sugalai rail blocking operations, the operation of the trains is hampered.

Kishanganj: Breach of contact with four blocks due to drowning

Due to the sharp pressure of water on the morning of Diversion near Block Chowk and after its mud, the administration stopped it as a precaution. This has broken the road connectivity of the four blocks, including Bahadurganj of the district headquarters. SSB jawans are trying to save the diversion.

Darbhanga: cracks in the wall built for city security

There have been cracks at many places in the city wall and dam in the wall between Kargil and Ward 30 and 24 in Kilaghat. Due to this, the danger of floods in the city has been started. If the repair is not done in the time, the water of the flood will enter the city. People living in low-lying areas may have to face problems.

Supaul: 5 thousand houses submerged

The water level of Kosi river is at the highest level this year. The rising water level has broken records of the last 12 years of July. Kosi discharge has crossed 3.18 lakh cusecs on Saturday with heavy rains in Nepal. All the 56 gates of the barge have been opened so that water can be easily removed. With the release of heavy water, flood water has spread in many villages within the embankment of Nirmali, Saraigarh, Kisanpur and Supaul. Only water is submerged in five thousand houses of Nirmali sub-division whereas 40 thousand people are affected.

Water spread in many villages due to the breakdown of safety dam

Water has entered water in many villages since the late night break on Friday of the 600 meter-long security dam built with Sharmadan, near the railroad Mahasatu. The movement of the people of dozens of villages has stalled due to the collapse of the speed of water in rural tola contact path near Basua.

Nepal government released high alert

Looking at the possibility of heavy rains in Nepal in the next 24 hours, the government has issued high alert. The continuous increase in the water level of Kosi due to torrential rains in Nepal's Terai region has also led to uneasiness of engineers. On Friday evening at 4 o'clock, 2 lakh 7 thousand 290 cusec water was recorded in ascending order on Kosi Barrage. As a precaution, 26 gates of Barab's 56 gates have been opened. The water level continued to grow from 6 o'clock on Thursday.

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