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"Mum made my life humorous" – jj

"Mum made my life humorous"


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Social media changed the life of many people. Many people got fame from social media. But there are many people who are victims of social media.

Something similar happened with Deborah. One evening in 2012 he was feeling very good about himself. They seemed to be looking beautiful.

The 15-year-old Deboraah was dressed in a dark dress and was ready for a family party. He took the black glasses and pulled the selfie and put it on his Facebook profile.

After sharing the photo on facebook, there was a slight liking on Deborah's picture. But after a few days, Deborah noticed that some unknown people are sharing their picture.

Soon they came to know that their photos are being used as a remnant.

Deborah was given the name of a brand of goggles in Miam. People were sharing their photos by typing the name of this brand.

While sharing this photo people laughed very well but Deborah used to cry in his room.

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This was so affected by this that they stopped till they got out of the house so that the people could recognize them outside.

Talking to the BBC, 22-year-old Deborah said, "I used to think my age was ugly and humiliated compared to girls. The comments coming on that photo used to say a lot about me and I had trouble with this."

At one time when he got out of school, he stopped going out of the house and by staying at home, he used to think about suicide.

"I did not have any strength in myself. I used to cry only and for that photo I used to bash myself"

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After seven years, Deborah once again saw that his photo was being used again on social media like Mim.

They said, "People had stopped using photos, but now again on Facebook and Instagram, my photo was being shared like Mim"

Deborah now lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil with his three-year-old son and works in Fermessi. But this time they are not letting themselves be influenced by these memes like it was seven years ago.

Deborah decided that he will not hide this thing as before. He wrote on his Facebook profile that he will take legal action against those Facebook pages that used his photo.

I felt that I was not in trouble. Now I will not accept what I did seven years ago.

Deborah was shown as an ugly woman in these memories.

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People who made fun of

Deobora had put his photo on Facebook, that people would praise him, but that photo became a mim.

"I felt that I was looking beautiful. At that time I had great confidence."

He recalls that the photo was shared by a boy who was a friend of his friend.

Deboraah asked to remove the photo from that boy. The boy removed the photo from his profile, but many people had already shared that photo.

After sharing that photo when he first came out of the house, he saw that many people were staring at him, he was aware that people have seen him.

She says, "I did not have any idea of ​​the difference from that photo but when I went to a store near my house, many people recognized me. Many people even started laughing at me. He was very bad "

In the days of Deborah's school, she became famous. They came to know that their class students also saw that miracle.

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Had to leave school

She says, "Once again people mixed me with Mim and made fun of me"

Soon they had to leave school.

Deboraah's mother explains that Deborah used to be completely different at that time.

She says, "I wanted to help her but I could not understand what I can do in her, she was very sad"

According to psychologist Merck D'Souza, these topics are very worrying.

He explains, "Social media can be a big burden in a person's life, now just a click is enough to make fun of any person. Any content can be easily viral and once it is completely If it spreads, then it becomes difficult for the person to keep himself separate from him "

Deborah wanted to die in 2012

Deborah explains, "I was very sad about what was going on. I had no reason to live."

At that time Deboraah had also eat some medicines kept in the house. They just wanted to get rid of all those things. But those drugs did not cause any danger to Deborah.


In 2014, all these things ended. Now he could see himself in the mirror. Gradually, people's interest in Miam started diminishing and their photos ceased to be shared.

She says, "My confidence began to grow again"

It was late but Deborah could complete his studies.

In 2015, he had a boyfriend. After some time he became pregnant and gave birth to his baby. The child's father and he is no longer with him. But she says it was very important to believe in myself.

Return of the Mimes

In the beginning of July, he was surprised to see that his photo is being used once for one mile.

Different Facebook books were making fun of their appearance.

They sent a message to the owners of the page and said they stopped sharing this picture.

She says, "A boy told me that he thought I was dead if I did not have trouble sharing photos."

Battle of Racism

The other thing that he noticed was racism.

She says, "As soon as they started sharing my pictures, many racial comments came on the photo. When all this happened in 2012, I did not understand much but now comes"

She says, "I love my color"

She says, "Racism can be seen in Miams because they show a white skin girl like a beautiful girl and like an ugly girl. She can show a black girl too beautiful but she does not do it Whatever I have suffered or caught, I have understood that this is a fight for racism. "

Deborah now wants to take legal action against the owners of all those pages who shared their picture in a way.

While giving a statement to the BBC, Facebook said that harassing and humiliating someone is a violation of their standards.

Deborah explains that in 2012, he reported all the Mims and asked his friends to report. But she says that the photo has not been removed.

She explains that the photos were deleted only when they asked to remove photos from the owners of the page.

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