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Pakistan: Imran authorities vs. journalist neighborhood: Mohammad Hanif's weblog – jj

Pakistan: Imran authorities vs. journalist neighborhood: Mohammad Hanif's weblog


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Well, it would have been that you used to agree to Sir Gaffur (Pakistani army spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor) who had said in a very polite accent that journalists should only report six months positive, then see where the Pakistan reaches.

Often believed among you, but there are some who have cried crying for the freedom of journalism.

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Hamid removes clips from Mir's old programs and wins that the winner of the founding of the new Pakistan and Washington DC (the gesture towards Pakistan's Prime Minister, Imran Khan) himself had said, "How is Hamid against the freedom of journalism? Because PTI (Imran Khan's party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) was due to the media, and for ten to twelve years people are not my talk. If you listened then only the journalists would listen. "

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Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor

So journalists, if you are proud of the fact that the people are made by you, listen to them, listen to everyone, reporters with right-wing journalists and left-hand journalists, looking for foreign hands by pressing their right hand, journalists with envelopes, briefcases, briefcases Journalists, journalists who cut 40 percent of their paychecks, forty percent cut in salary, sitting in waiting for salary Journalists wishing new motorcycles, journalists carrying their own airplane, unemployed journalists, journalists working without paycheers, making videos on judges videos, full goat-makers in the homes of big-crooks, in press clubs Those sitting on government checks, those who demand plots in the name of journalism, those who run tickers from Whitspap, on the boss's orders at midnight Journalists who say the story of the dead turtle on the banks of the sea, headquarter makers, English people, Sindhi people, Urdu people, taxis, who account for the cost of water tanker in Gwadar (port), going from Pakistan to China Journalists replying to the sadness of the bride, the journalists who made photos with the Pashtun, and the nation's intelligence were printed on the first page. Journalists who took the hero type award from foreign NGOs, journalists understand the mission, are journalists, but journalism is considered to be dirty, journalists dreaming to make their channel on YouTube and dreamers of competing with Seth, morning on the tweeter Journalists, journalists, journalists and journalists who spread the field of politics were crying out from the poems of Munir Niazi Reporters, journalists who understand the historical documents, journalists who understand historical documents, journalists in small and large analysts, and journalists who are slamming jihad against pornography by earning obscenity, Sir Bajwa (Pakistani army chief Gen. Qamr Javed Bajwa demands journalists for extension, a hadith (the last prophet of Islam, Hazrat Mohammad Starting from the words of Ghalib (Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib) on the lion, the journalists, all the editors, the newspaper page makers, the typing tycoon, the generator run on the television's DSNG van, inside the chemise By putting hand on the microphone and the owners of all these, listen to all.

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Mohammad haneef

You are right

Our leader (but also now in America), the leader rightly says that the PTI was created by the media. Now why should we make you a new PTI and if you are so passionate about speaking truth, then put your hand on your heart and tell if this country really needs another PTI.

read this also:

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