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Pioneering the Actuality Expertise Frontier in Insurance coverage Business – jj

Pioneering the Actuality Expertise Frontier in Insurance coverage Business


 Insurance IndustryAugmented reality can provide insurers with a winning advantage in the form of advanced interaction with customers.  

FREMONT, CA: Being a fiercely competitive industry leading players are continuously experimenting with technologies to explore innovative opportunities. Insurers have already started experimenting with reality technologies to witness amazing results. Read on to know the possible outcomes of this adoption for the insurance industry.

Warning about Dangers

Insurance companies are using the capabilities of augmented reality to increase customer awareness about many dangers that they may face in their homes. They have built their own house in which customers can visit and detect possible home incidents using their mobile devices. When customers enter the house with a built-in smartphone camera, they can see various hidden dangers on display on their devices.

Increasing Brand Awareness

AR-enabled games are available in the market to raise brand awareness. Moving with mobile devices in the real world, customers must capture portals in the virtual world of the game. The portals are situated in different sites in the real world. Capturing portals brings various game items that can help players win other portals.

Explaining Insurance Plans

Technology solution providers are coming up with a product that offers various insurance plans to customers. Usually selecting claims are an annoying and tedious process, and with the new solutions, it can turn into a fun and exciting activity with the help of augmented reality. The mobile augmented reality applications can provide video explanations of customer’s goals and plans.

Damage Estimation

Augmented reality helps insurers remotely determine the damaged area of various objects and provide a 360-degree assessment by using photos of the damage and 3D models of them. Also, the technical specialist can understand the damage volume by overlaying object images representing the object condition before and after the incident. Analyzing the collected information can provide with accurate results and calculate the required repair cost.

It is not easy for insurers to provide something new to customers when it comes to the quality of services. However, with augmented reality, insurers are curating an engaging communication method that will bring value to customers and encourage to choose them.

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