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Priti Patel appointed UK's first Indian-origin Dwelling Secretary Britain: Turns into First Dwelling Minister of Indian Origin – Preeti Patel, PM Modi is believed to be supporters – jj

Priti Patel appointed UK's first Indian-origin Dwelling Secretary Britain: Turns into First Dwelling Minister of Indian Origin – Preeti Patel, PM Modi is believed to be supporters


London: The vocal critic of the government in formerly Theresa and supporter of the party, Preeti Patel, became the Home Minister in the newly-elected Boris Johnson's government. He is the leader of the first Indian origin to reach this important position in the team of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Conservative party leader Preity Patel has been made Home Minister instead of Sajid Javid. Sajid Javid is of Pakistani origin and has been made Finance Minister. He is the leader of the first ethnic minority community to reach this position.

Preeti Patel originally belongs to Gujarat and has been chiefly participating in the programs of Indian expatriates in the UK. He is considered a great supporter of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the UK. It is notable that after the resignation of Theresa May on the issue of breakage, Britain's ruling Conservative party chose Boris Johnson as the new leader of the party. After that, Johnson met Queen Elizabeth II and was declared the new Prime Minister of the country.

PM Modi's new Prime Minister Boris Johnson congratulated, saying that this big thing

Earlier, in the UK, the Conservative Party leader and former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was elected the next Prime Minister on Tuesday. In his Vijay speech, he believed in supporters to do better with speed. Johnson's victory was spectacular and he got 92,153 votes, while his opponent Jeremy Hunt was reduced to just 46,656 votes.


Boris johnson
In his Vijay speech, Johnson said, "I know that there will be people around us who will question the wisdom of your decision. There may be some people who are still wondering what they have done." He said, "I tell all those who have doubts that we are going to make the country energetic, we are going to trust ourselves again."

Johnson said, "I will work fast with my team. The campaign is over and the work has started." He also congratulated former Prime Minister Theresa, whom he has been critical of for a long time. American President Donald Trump also congratulated Johnson on tweeting, "He will be great."

At the same time, Labor leader Jeremy Corbin responded by tweeting the news of Johnson's victory, "He has won the support of less than one lakh uncompetitive Conservative members, but our country has not won the support."

PM Modi congratulates
Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted on the magnificent victory of Johnson Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted, "I wish for your success. I look forward to working with you to further strengthen India-UK partnership. " Tell us that Boris Johnson, 55, is a strong supporter of Brejgit. They campaigned fiercely in favor of this.

Johnson is a big fan of the breakjet
Johnson is such a big fan of the breakidge that he says that he has no fear of separating Britain from the European Union without any deal from the European Union. His good support is being found in the Conservative party loyalists. Boris, 54, a supporter of Breggit, has been persistently speaking in favor of close business relations between India and Britain after being separated from Britain by the European Union (EU).

Expect a closer partnership between Ratane-India: Johnson
Johnson congratulated PM Modi for his second consecutive term as Prime Minister. In his message to PM Modi immediately after the conclusion of the NDA's tremendous victory, Johnson had congratulated Narendra Modi for a huge win in the Indian election results 2019. This is the confirmation of your optimistic vision of the new India. "He said," Let us hope to have a close partnership between Britain and India in the coming years. "

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