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Queen Songbook and Guitar Tab Assortment – jj

Queen Songbook and Guitar Tab Assortment

Queen Songbook Collection

In this video Im showing the Queen songbook and guitar tablature a lot of which is out of print now.

more info http://queen-corner.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/queen-music-book-collection.html

Queen : Includes all Songs from Queen and Queen II (Except Doin Alright)
Queen Sheer Heart Attack Songbook
Queen A Night At The Opera (Guitar Tab Book)
Queen A Day At The Races Songbook
Queen News of The World Songbook
Queen Jazz Songbook
Queen The Game Songbook
Queen Hot Space Songbook
Queen The Works Songbook
Queen A Kind of Magic Songbook
Queen The Miracle Songbook
Queen Innuendo (Band Score Book)
Queen Made In Heaven
Queen Live At Wembley Songbook
Queen Greatest Hits Guitar Tab Book
Queen Greatest Hits II Band Score Book
Queen Rocks Guitar Tab Book (Includes Its late, Tear It Up, In Love With My Car)
Queen Band Score
Brian May Super Rock Guitarist (Includes Tabs from Live Killers Album)
Queen Make Music With (Tab Book)
The Best Of Queen (Tab Book)


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  1. Hi James, I was looking up at the Queen Corner, which I think is your blog, great things there by the way, and I was looking for the pdfs of the guitar books and unfortunately they're unavailable. Is there anyway to them from you? Thank you, by the way. you do a great job teaching the Queen songs! Wish you all the best!

  2. alright, this video is about three years old now, but where in the WORLD can you find the first queen book (with the music from their first two albums) for £12. the ONLY time I have seen that book it was £43.

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