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Samsung lastly reveals Galaxy Fold availability: coming in September – jj

Samsung lastly reveals Galaxy Fold availability: coming in September


Last we heard about the Galaxy Fold, that is after it was spotted in the wild, was last week when a report suggested that the device has passed all internal tests and is getting ready for the launch. The report wasn’t far from the truth, as Samsung is now officially sharing information about the foldable’s availability.

Samsung has taken the time to fully evaluate the product design, make necessary improvements and run rigorous tests to validate the changes we made — Samsung

The changes include additional reinforcements, extending the protective layer of the device beyond the bezels, as well as strengthening the hinges by adding protection caps. The tech giant was also working on improving the user experience of the foldable, which means Samsung also focused on the software side of things, by optimizing layouts, apps, etc.

The device is now in its final product test stage, and Samsung says the Galaxy Fold will be available to customers in select markets starting September. Specific dates will be shared as we get closer, Samsung says.

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