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Sensible Gadget: Not solely audio-video recording, coronary heart failure can even make hackers | Not solely audio-video recording, however coronary heart failure can even make hackers – jj

Sensible Gadget: Not solely audio-video recording, coronary heart failure can even make hackers | Not solely audio-video recording, however coronary heart failure can even make hackers


  • Porn video created by TV in Surat, Bhaskar threatens to kill smart device
  • In addition to smartphones, laptops, there are just 8 billion smart devices in the world.

Dainik Bhaskar

Jul 14, 2019, 10:32 AM

Abhishek Dhabhai (Inferimes and Cyber ​​Security Expert). Last week, there were two cases of hacking smart TVs in Surat and putting personalized video on the Internet and putting them on the Internet. These incidents have worried smart device users. Not just smart TVs but all kinds of 'internet of things' (IOT) device, we need to be cautious.

The technique of connecting smart TVs to the Internet or controlling a smart device with the help of its voice is called Internet of Things. Hackers have become so powerful today that they can get rid of the medical device by hacking it to the medical device. According to IOT Analytics, currently there are 8.3 billion IOT devices worldwide, which will increase to 11.6 billion by 2021.

There were 7 billion IOT Devices in 2018. These devices include IOTs, not including smartphones, tablets, laptops and fixed line phones. According to the McKinsey Global Institute report, 127 new IOT devices are connected to the internet every second worldwide.

How to Avoid This

  • 1. Do not read whatever notifications come when watching a smart TV.
  • Most of the smart TV makers put the software for automatic content recognition in TV, which sends the data of the content viewed to the TV manufacturer or application owner. Therefore, do not allow unconditional ACRs.
  • 3. Update smart TV app regularly.
  • 4. Buy Smart TV of the same brand, which regularly gives software updates and security updates.
  • 5. Always scan the virus before applying pen drive or memory card in smart TV.
  • 6. Understand the privacy policy at the time of installation of smart TVs.
  • 7. Always keep remote access in IOT home device
  • 8. Keep guest login separately in the wireless router or keep separate internet network for smart home device. Keep Wi-Fi password difficult and up-to-date. Use different e-mail IDs for smart home devices.
  • 9. Keep off the smart home device if the microphone and camera are not used. If you think the camera is not closed, then paste the non-transparent tape onto the camera.
  • 10. Smart device has the option of scanning the virus and should be scanning.
  • 11. Do not click any unknown or suspicious links and do not download folders.

These cases tell us to worry about it

{Last year, the US Justice Department seized an Internet domain, which hacked around 5 million Routers. It was found in home and office.
{A case was reported in Dubai in the same year in which hacker was sitting in another country and hacking the person's voice assistant device. He was listening to all his things. His e-mail account was reached.
{According to WikiLeaks, the CIA created a virus named Weping Angels, which could be inserted into a pen drive or online in smart TV. This could have been heard in TVs around TV in different countries.

What can be hack

Generally a hacker takes one minute to hack an IOT device. What can they do?
{Hacking WiFi printers can see and control the print.
{The home-office temperature can be controlled by hacking the thermostat (the AC connected to the environment control system or Internet).
{Can watch hacker videos from baby monitoring device.
{Hacking the car connected to the internet can be run by its steering, wheel, GPS, parking brake according to your own accord.
{Pacemakers and other medical devices, which control the patient's heart, they also now go on IOT. Last year, the Food and Drug Administration of the U.S. believed that Hackers could hack the hack and fail Hart. Or can cause other problems.
{Smart Home can also hack Light, Door, Camera, AC, Doorbell etc.

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