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South Studying capturing sufferer out of hospital; gunman sought – jj

South Studying capturing sufferer out of hospital; gunman sought


READING, Pa. – A man shot multiple times Tuesday night in south Reading has been released from the hospital, but the person who shot him is still on the loose.

This is the second shooting in a matter of weeks on Spring Garden Street, and neighbors said things are getting scary.

Police haven’t said if they believe the shootings are related, but with bullet holes carved into the bricks on several homes, neighbors just want the shootings to stop.

“I ducked down and looked through the window, and then I came downstairs and I saw everyone peeking through their doors,” said Maria Anderson, who lives on the street.

The bullets hit houses and a man several times.

“To hear someone actually got shot, that’s disheartening,” said Dennis Neely, who also lives on the street.

Police haven’t identified the victim, but they said he’s been released from the hospital. Residents said they’re nervous.

“I was scared, because, like I said, we’ve had shots here just a couple weeks ago,” said Neely.

Neely and Anderson haven’t lived on Spring Garden Street long.

“We’re thinking about finding a safer place, because in the year and a half we’ve been here, the violence seems to be escalating,” Neely said.

And they don’t just fear for themselves.

“A lot of kids are out here at nighttime, on nice days when it’s too hot, that’s usually when they come out when the sun goes down,” Anderson said.

Neely said he’s worried about things like this continuing to happen.

“My concern is about an innocent bystander being struck or something like that,” Neely said.

Police haven’t said if the victim was the intended target or a bystander. As the investigation continues, police are encouraging anyone with information about the shooting to come forward.

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