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The French staff will inform, struggle could also be such – jj

The French staff will inform, struggle could also be such


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New anti-drone guns were exhibited at the Bastille Day celebrations

The French army is going to create a 'red team', which will tell how to be in danger in the future.

In this team, science fiction writers will be story writers who write on science subjects, who can visualize future threats.

According to a new report by the Defense Innovation Agency (DIA), these visionary people will tell about the methods of war, which the military strategists would never have thought about.

According to the report, this team's work will be done in a very confidential manner and will be extremely important in the fight with "malicious elements".

France is trying to bring newness to its defense system, the Red Team has been formed in this order.

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Inventor Frankie Zapata came flying over the Bastille Day festival

On the occasion of Bastille Day in Paris, an inventor came on board his jet-powered flyboard and started flying over the crowd.

People were surprised to see Frankie Zapata. After this, President Emmuel Macro tweeted this video and wrote, "I'm proud of my army, modern and advanced technology."

Who is the 'Red Team'?

There are four or five science fiction writers in this team. It is expected that these groups will go beyond the traditional methods of the army and think more constructively.

These teams will try to visualize the ways and advance technology through which extremist groups or other countries can attack in the future.

The Defense Minister of France said that the country has every way for military innovation.

The Nerode F5 Microwave Jammer was also performed in Bastille Day. This weapon is of a rifle shape and it is designed to target the drone. It blocks the pilot's signal and does its work.

There is also a plan to use the robot to help the French army in Mali. It is also being used.

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