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The multifaceted advantages of a QuickBooks SuperCondense defined – jj

The multifaceted advantages of a QuickBooks SuperCondense defined


Brandon, MB––July 25, 2019: “Data corruption, Unbalanced Balance Sheet reports, slow performance and constant errors are just some of the effects of an overgrown file,” QuickBooks Repair Pro’s John Rocha, Technical Services Manager said.

The QuickBooks SuperCondense is a service that will significantly reduce the file size of your QuickBooks data file resulting in higher responsiveness and faster performance, higher network stability, less prone to data corruption issues and a significantly reduced file size.

It also inactive customers, vendors, items to stay under the 14,500 limit for Pro/Premier (Optional) and can convert large files to QuickBooks Online. John added that it makes upgrading to newer versions faster and easier.

What Intuit says about size limits is that a Pro/Premiere file should not exceed 150Mb and an Enterprise file, 1GB. QuickBooks Repair Pro’s SuperCondense service expels old data whereby the size of the file is deceased by as much as 80 percent. “The SuperCondense feature is an advanced version of the Condense feature in QuickBooks and has proven to have far more extensive results with both document size and the QuickBooks’ pace,” John said.

This is mainly because the condense operation condenses closed transactions into summary journal entries. If any list items are not used, they are deleted from QuickBooks. Currently, QuickBooks Online can only convert desktop data files under 350MB in size. With QuickBooks Repair Pro’s SuperCondense Service, QuickBooks users can bring down any file size so they can easily upgrade to QuickBooks Online. 

For more information about this service, visit https://quickbooksrepairpro.com/Quickbooks-SuperCondense-Service.aspx 


About QuickBooks Repair Pro

QuickBooksRepairpro.com is a leading QuickBooks File Repair and Data Recovery, QuickBooks Conversion, QuickBooks Mac Repair, and QuickBooks SDK programming services provider in North America, serving thousands of business users all over the world. With over 20 years of experience with Intuit QuickBooks, QuickBooksRepairpro.com assists QuickBooks users and small businesses with a variety of services and work with the US, UK, Canadian, Australian (Reckon Accounts), and New Zealand versions of QuickBooks (PC and Mac platforms).

For more information, visit https://quickbooksrepairpro.com/

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