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The Omni Veil Digital Community: Rewriting the Guidelines of Communication – jj

The Omni Veil Digital Community: Rewriting the Guidelines of Communication


LAS VEGAS, July 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hi-Tek Media, a Nevada based marketing company, today unveiled their Omni Veil Digital Platform, utilizing the technology of iSIGN Media Corp. (ISD.V) (ISDSF) to create a new and unique method for communication.

The Omni Veil Digital Platform has hit the road!  Our network covers State-line to State-line throughout Nevada, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Las Vegas and its inhabitants and visitors are the first of many cities that will benefit from this unique, one-of-a kind network.

One of the capabilities is to send alerts to ensure the safety of the first responders, while keeping the public informed and out of danger.

Another component of Omni Veil is the ability to serve the business community with a more effective way to reach their potential clientele via Safety Sponsorships, Bluetooth Text and Wi-Fi messages, all with a strong retargeting campaign.

With a combination of iSIGN’s Smart Antenna hardware and its patented technology along with their beacon type PODX technology, we are able to send messages to consumers on their mobile phones and other Smart devices via Bluetooth notifications, Wi-Fi messages, marked text alerts and app alerts to android and iPhones.

Omni Veil is a mobile and stationary network.  Our network is on emergency vehicles and in brick and mortar locations.  This ‘everywhere’ network allows for Omni Veil to span over major highways, byways and major streets.  Messages will be served when entering the delivery range of our network.  For those who elect to stay informed regardless of where they are located, the Omni Veil app can be downloaded from the Google or Apple store.  In other words, messaging is available around the world.

The Omni Veil Digital Platform is unique and is the first of its kind.  The Omni Veil is powered by iSIGN and is rewriting the rules of communication and advertising, reaching people on the device that is constantly with them – their mobile phones.

“We are excited to launch the Omni Veil Digital Platform.  As a Digital Media Company, we are always looking to evolve and expand the innovations of creativity as we live in a fast-paced and ever-changing world. The technology brought forth from iSIGN has completed the final piece of the puzzle to accomplish and advance digital advertising to the public like never seen before,” said Hi-Tek Media’s CEO, Michele Bedwell.

Hi-Tek Media has chosen its home state of Nevada for the first network launch.  With over 1,600 units (Veils), the second stage is to expand to Texas, Illinois, Florida and Massachusetts.  Planned expansion includes 5 states by end of 2019, and another 6 states throughout first quarter of 2020.  Target markets include major nationally known brands, professional sports teams, medical offices, hotels and casinos, government agencies, tourist areas and major retailers.

Hi-Tek expects that this extremely cost efficient and effective digital advertising platform, potentially reaching the largest audiences in public spaces and highways, in many states will generate real time metrics and data resulting in the most effective advertising ROI to brands and other enterprises. Finalizing customer networks and purchase order quantities has commenced this week and will continue till finalized early August 2019.

About Hi-Tek Media
Hi-Tek Media is a full-service digital marketing company with 21 years of experience in marketing. Hi-Tek is uniquely positioned to provide cutting edge marketing, digital production and media management.

About iSIGN Media
iSIGN media, based in Toronto, Canada, is a data-focused, software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that is a pioneer in gathering point of sale data and mobile shopper preferences to generate actionable data and reveal valuable consumer insights. iSIGN has leveraged their technological expertise to become the leading provider of interactive, mobile advertising and public security alert solutions. Partners include IBM, Keyser Retail Solutions, Baylor University, Verizon Wireless, TELUS, Mtrex Network Solutions, Conservaco and Hi-Tek Media www.isignmedia.com

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