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The place the place the astronaut prepares to go to Mars – jj

The place the place the astronaut prepares to go to Mars


Los Volcken's Natural Park in Canberra's LancorotImage copywrite
European Space Agency

Almost every week, at 9 o'clock in the night, in the light of millions of stars, Raul Martinez Morales and Amanda Mandre are preparing to survey Mars planet.

Raul is a former astrophysicist and Amanda has a passion for astronomy.

Crossing the rocks made from lava, they carefully begin to open their scientific instruments before reaching the red sand dunes.

Many times they make their temporary laboratory near the huge crater of the volcano (in which a rocket ship is also included).

If there is any visible thing of any other planet in the darkness or if there is a show of meteorites or a new star, their stirring activity increases.

Morales says that since childhood he wanted to know about other planets and other worlds. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Moon, all of them are thrilled.

Image copywrite
Mike MacEacheran

This place is closer to space

The whole scenario surrounding Morales seems like another planet, but they are not on the red planet.

Actually they are at Los Valkans Natural Park in Lanzarote, Canary Island, 5.46 million kilometers away from Mars. This is the island of Spain, not the space.

Mandri and Morales run the Cosmos Planetarium here. "It is a wonderful place, it is more close to space than any other place, the caves here are similar to those found on the Moon and Mars," says Mandrey.

There are strange parallels from the surface of the Moon and Mars in Lenzorot. These similarities have made it one of the most important research centers of space exploration. The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve was opened in 1993.

The US Space Agency (NASA) and the European Space Agency (ESA) use it for the training of astronauts and Mars Rover.

Scientists visualize the landscape of remote space here and prepare space travelers to prepare for space adventures.

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Image copywrite
Mike MacEacheran

50 years of going to the moon

For those interested in space exploration, this year's summers are special.

50 years ago NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first person to step on the moon. Apollo 11 mission reached the moon on July 20, 1969.

There is a lot going on on that anniversary – the famous message of a line of Armstrong and the picture of the American flag on the moon are reminiscent of that time.

Future plans for more adventurous ideas and space agencies are also being discussed.

At the top of the agenda at the moment, sending the person to the moon again by 2024, and after that move towards Mars.

Here the lanzorote becomes important. This island seems to break the laws of physics and geography.

Image copywrite
European Space Agency

volcanic eruptions

There were several volcanic eruptions in the period of 6 years between 1730 and 1736.

At Montgomery National Park, near Montana del Fuego, the volcano was coming out of ash and lava, which covered one quarter of the island.

After volcanic eruptions, the land here got a new look and new life.

Los Volcans Nature Park and Timmafa National Park are famous for such conditions as the Moon.

There are more than 100 volcanic cones here Magnificent volcanoes, stone-made magma, lava flows and colored sand are spread over 172 square kilometers, which make the planet look like any other planet.

There is also a disorientation in the environment here. The land here seems like a desert of another planet, where time seems to have stopped.

The island's coastline is also different from the other beaches. The hot lava coming out of the volcano has suddenly cooled down in contact with the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean.

Image copywrite
European Space Agency

Training of astronauts

Formerly the leader of the Mars Project, Lorena Basson, has been able to bring the future space mission to Langzerot.

He trains the astronauts to co-ordinate with the robots created for the Space mission.

Beson is a representative of the ESA's Pangea program, which is the first step towards preparing the astronauts to research on other planets.

She says, "In short, langazarat provides many realistic scenarios of the moon and Mars."

"It's easy to teach astronauts to work and operate, but it is not easy to prepare them as field scientist."

"Pangea helps in making space fielders of any background with effective field geologist and geo-microbiologist in the context of planetary science."

There are many benefits to it – Astronauts learn to be geological, scientists conduct research and learn to work in practical situations.

After the launch in 2016, the Pangea project is growing steadily. During the 10th training camp Pangea-X in 2018, astronauts tested the rover on the lanzazore, drown and watched the rover in a 6-kilometer deep lava tube made of volcanic eruption 21 thousand years ago.

Apart from this, 50 scientists from four space agencies conducted a dozen experiments in five different places during one week.

During training, DNA tests were normal things on the occasion of space walks and micro-organisms.

For those who were the most obscene, the set of Star Trek and Disney-Pixar film Wal-E on the island had come to life.

Film scene

They are aware of this, who have their bread and bread on this world of langazore.

Gravimeters, semographs, geodetic instruments and magnometers are common equipment for here. Such tools have been displayed at the Visitors Center of Timfahua National Park.

Scientists studying volcanoes used them to study land and decades before the volcanic eruptions. Now three-D mapping lasers and high-tech scanners are used.

In a recent Pangea test, the astronauts collected rocks samples with the help of geological equipment designed for Apollo missions.

He communicated with the scientists and recorded his travels using the Electronic Field Book. It was directed by the Flight Director of the entire Operation Mission Control.

In another assignment, Marc Rover, operated from Hamburg's remote control center, was run in Lancherot.

Image copywrite

Not really copy

Bason says that such a place can be tested by making such conditions as Langzerot but it is impossible to duplicate the existence of another planet on the real surface.

He also trained the members of the Antarctic Overwinter crew for Concordia Station, which are also known as 'White Mars'.

She says, "There are many obstacles in space, there are difficulties in the geographic region, there is a problem of light, there is a problem of communication and access."

"It's like ballet dance to go in space for a short time, to be effective, its choreography and its rehearsal should be good."

Changed motive

Earlier astronauts used to go in space to hoist their country's flag. Now that's not the point.

Today's scientists have a second purpose. They go to increase understanding of space and find out how that science can be used to improve life on earth.

This is the reason that going on Mars has been an important goal for both NASA and ESA.

Beson says, "TESTING here, the ESA has detected many mistakes that we would not want to repeat in space."

"You do not want to go there until you know that everything has been done to keep your existence safe."

"NASA plans to return to the surface of the Moon in 2024. I can say that we are from time to time."

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